Manchester BID: 2023-28 Business Plan Proposal

Over the last ten years, Manchester Business Improvement District has worked closely with its levy payers to deliver events, promote the city centre and make Manchester one of the most vibrant, attractive and resilient city centres in the country.

Now, we’re looking ahead to the next five years. This December, the BID will go to a legal ballot for the third term to continue its vital work.

We have been talking to our retail and hospitality networks over the past year about what you want to see in the next era of the BID. And we want to continue the conversation.

We have identified a number of pillars of work for the new business plan as below – some carrying on from work we’ve been doing, some completely new. And we want to talk through these with you and get your ideas.

The BID is Your company: CityCo Manchester is engaged to deliver the business plan You help to shape. So please do get involved and be part of the discussion.

Upcoming May planning meetings

All BID Levy Payers are invited to attend.

2023-28 Business Plan Proposal

Looking Ahead

Manchester BID is a consortium of 400 leading retail brands and hospitality venues in the city centre. The BID has been running since 2013 and is investing £6 million each five-year term to enhance and animate the central retail district. The work supports the vitality of the city centre as place to trade, invest-in, work and visit.

The BID is managed by The City Centre Management Company, CityCo. CityCo works on behalf of businesses with Manchester City Council, Marketing Manchester, Transport for Greater Manchester, Greater Manchester Police, Manchester’s homelessness agencies, and other public bodies.

We are starting to develop the Business Plan for a third BID term (2023 – 2028) and are looking at how the BID could expand to incorporate a wider geographic location and cross-section of businesses. We would appreciate your input.

The pandemic proved how inter-connected the city centre is. We have brought together organisations from all sectors supporting with Covid resilience practices, installing outdoor street areas, running briefings, sharing intelligence and operational guidance, and delivering footfall and PR driving major events.

As we move towards a re-ballot in December, we are talking to businesses about the next term. The aim is to build on current relationships, establish new ones, and make the whole city centre stronger, more resilient, and more successful.

Manchester BID Activity Highlights

The past decade has seen Manchester BID deliver a full range of business services and initiatives. From the helpful presence of City Hosts, to animated events and millions of pounds-worth of PR, to launching extra street cleansing – the BID has worked constantly to support the city centre business community.

Footfall & PR Driving Events

Manchester BID has delivered an annual calendar of street festivals since launch, with the aim of attracting more footfall, custom, and positive press for the city centre. High-profile events have included the famous Vogue Fashion’s Night Out, summer festival Dig the City, Chinese New Year and Halloween celebrations, The King Street Festival, The Manchester Flower Show, and MCR Student Socials – shopping nights in partnership with Manchester Arndale.

These have attracted more than £20 million AVE (advertising value equivalent) of PR and marketing coverage for Manchester. Articles and news items championing the vibrancy of the city have featured across BBC Northwest Tonight, ITV Granada Reports, BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 4, Hits & Capital FM, The Guardian, The Times, The Independent, Daily Mirror, Manchester Evening News, The Manc, I Love MCR, Manchester Confidential and many more outlets.

Street Cleaning Programme

Manchester BID launched a street cleansing programme in addition to Manchester City Council activity to support businesses and ensure an increase in the frequency of street cleaning in the city centre. The aim is to help provide a smarter, cleaner welcome for workers, shoppers, and visitors.

The schedule includes jet washing of pavements, deep cleaning, foam, and steam cleans and the removal of graffiti and chewing gum. There is also an extra litter picking service. Cleaning takes place right across the shopping and leisure area: from Deansgate and St Ann’s Square, up to Market Street and Piccadilly.

A Third Term

As Manchester BID looks to the future, the aims for the next few years are to:

  • Support with the ongoing recovery of Manchester city centre post-pandemic; attracting workers, visitors and tourists and continuing to improve the perception of the city centre
  • Bring people together to stand for business interests and continually improve the city centre
  • Enhance the reputation of the city centre on a national and global scale through events, activities and positive PR
  • Support the Environmental, Social and Governance ambitions of levy payers in supporting staff, dealing with the climate emergency and making the city centre viable for all.

To meet the aims, Manchester BID will deliver work around several themes. Let us know your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions, as the proposed plan develops.

Proposed 2023-28 Business Plan areas of work:

① Improving the environmental and trading conditions in the city centre

  • Providing a clean team to deliver regular street cleansing, litter-picking, jet-washing, graffiti removal and deep cleans
  • Supplying funding for new bins, planters, flower baskets and greening schemes.

② Tackling crime and the fear of crime

  • Standing for the city centre business community on the city’s crime prevention panel
  • Working with the city’s counter-terrorism unit on training around major incidents
  • Ensuring correct reporting of retail and commercial crime in the city centr
  • Supplying intelligence and alerts to activity affecting highway changes, protests, and major emergencies
  • Working to improve business awareness of issues and improve resilience
  • Delivering training on retail, commercial and general criminal activity
  • Operating a 24/7/364 advice hotline in support of businesses.

③ Delivering public events and street activity

  • Delivering 6+ major public events each year to attract visitors into the city centre, e.g., Halloween, Chinese New Year and The Manchester Flower Show
  • Increasing the early impact of the Christmas season, working on lighting schemes and maximising the importance of Sunday trade
  • Working with city festivals such as Manchester Pride to maximise the impact and benefits across the city centre
  • Supporting hospitality businesses to make the city centre a more vibrant ’24 hour’ city
  • Evolving the City Hosts ambassador scheme and supporting businesses
  • Delivering Mystery Shopping awards aimed at rewarding the best businesses in the city centre for customer focus and social responsibility.

④ Delivering positive PR and promotional campaigns

  • Investing in tourism campaigns to attract visitors to the city centre
  • Ensuring is up-to-date and highlighting the best of the city centre
  • Promoting the city centre luxury offer to all audiences
  • Promoting the BID’s public events
  • Promoting city centre events, lunch offers and new workspaces to levy payers, property owners and agents
  • Promoting all events in the city centre to levy payers so businesses can benefit from their audiences
  • Enhancing the BID’s own brand so customers are more aware of the investments supporting the city centre.

⑤ Working on initiatives that support levy payers ESG targets

  • Promoting the work already underway on the climate emergency and focusing on an annual ‘green week’
  • Working on initiatives such as increasing recycling, access to waste compactors, promoting city centre cycling schemes (Beryl Bikes), and delivering more greening
  • Linking with charities supporting disadvantaged people in Manchester to offer support, staff away days and employment opportunities
  • Promoting BID sectors to young people and jobseekers through workshops
  • Committing the Manchester BID Company to paying a living wage, offering sector-leading benefits, developing a diverse workforce, and having clear governance.

⑥ Ensuring a consistent ‘Virtual Table’ to represent levy payer interests across the city

  • Bringing the 600+ levy payers around a virtual table and ensuring excellent communications with city centre businesses
  • Improving the city centre by ensuring a better flow of information around transformational schemes and initiatives
  • Supplying a forum for early consultation on initiatives such as climate, transport, and the development of the city centre
  • Developing an advisory council of levy payers to ensure a diverse range of voices from the city centre business community is heard
  • Ensuring emergency communications plans stay in place and up-to-date
  • Hosting public and private meetings with senior representatives from the public sector to discuss issues facing the business community.

This is Your BID. Have Your Say.


What is a BID?

A Business Improvement District is a specific geographical area where businesses agree to invest in extra services and initiatives that support and enhance the trading environment. Funding is brought together from a levy, based on commercial business rates.

Activities are agreed in a set Business Plan, which is then voted-on in a legal ballot. If successful, BIDs run for a period of five-years per ‘term’.

The BID model is operating in most towns and cities across the UK, Europe, USA and beyond. Most UK city centres have BIDs including Liverpool, Birmingham, Leeds, Newcastle, Sheffield, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Cardiff – as well as many in London.

Manchester first launched its BID in 2013, and therefore has had a Business Improvement District in place for almost 10 years. The BID currently runs across Market Street, King Street, Deansgate, St Ann’s Square, New Cathedral Street and Exchange Square.

How is it governed?

Manchester Business Improvement District is an independent, not-for-profit, limited-by-guarantee company, governed by a board of directors.

Manchester BID is managed by CityCo, The City Centre Management Company. CityCo’s Chief Exec and staff are responsible to a BID board for the delivery of the
business plan.

The board is made up of representatives from levy-paying businesses who sit alongside non-exec directors from city stakeholders. The group meets quarterly, and a finance committee, bi-monthly.

The current Chair is Jane Sharrocks, General Manager of Selfridges Exchange Square.

What is the 2022 ballot schedule?

The second Manchester BID term ends in April 2023. To decide whether the BID continues for a third term, a ballot of eligible hereditaments (rateable commercial units) will take place this December. If successful, a new term will start in April 2023.

Electoral Reform Services will conduct a postal ballot that meets this timetable:

• Sunday 24th October: Official note of ballot sent to businesses
• Monday 7th November: Ballot papers dispatched
• Monday 5th December: Final ballot date
• Tuesday 6th December: Ballot count and result announced by 5pm
• April 2023: Manchester’s third BID term starts.

Help us shape the next Manchester BID business plan.

Vaughan Allen
CityCo & Manchester BID
Chief Executve

Phil Schulze
Manchester BID Manager

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