Counter-Terrorism Awareness

CityCo & Manchester BID aim to keep city centre colleagues up-to-speed with strategic and tactical guidance to help with daily operations.

Protect Duty/Martyn’s Law

For more on the impending Martyn’s Law, being brought into legislation in 2023, go here. Follow announcements via Figen Murray OBE on her website.

ACT Awareness Training

ACT Awareness is a compulsory part of operating a Licensed Premises in Manchester City Centre. This is part of the city’s commitment to the principles of Martyn’s Law, post the 2017 Arena attack, aimed at improving security in public places.

It is delivered by NaCTSO/Protect UK and National Protective Security Authority trained advisors, and is designed to raise vigilance of the current terrorist threat to the UK and provide businesses with protective advice and guidance.

ACT Awareness Training contents:

  • An Introduction to Counter-Terrorism
  • Current Threat in the UK
  • Identifying and Responding to Suspicious Behaviour
  • Identifying and Dealing with Suspicious Items
  • Responding to a Firearms or Weapons Attack

This training is for:

  • Venue Managers
  • General Managers
  • Assistant GMs
  • Operations Managers
  • Bar Managers

The training is hosted by CityCo, with partners Counter Terrorism Policing North West (CTPNW), Greater Manchester Police and Manchester City Council Licensing. The sessions are kindly attended by Figen.

ACT E-Learning

ACT Awareness online. The E-Learning scheme explains how to spot the signs of suspicious behaviour, and what to do. It takes 45 minutes to complete. Go here.

National Protective Security Authority

Expert advice and research to support counter terrorism and protect the public. Go here.

National Counter Terrorism Security Office/Protect UK

A platform of resources to support organisations in evaluating and managing risk posed by terrorism. Go here.

Publicly Accessible Locations/Crowded Places Guidance

Advice for varying sectors and scenarios. Go here.

Film Resources

Run Hide Tell: Firearms and Weapons Attack: Government Advice Film

Eyes Wide Open: CNPI Advice Film

PAcT Kits

If your business is looking to keep trauma kits on site, CityCo has partnered with local supplier Steroplast Healthcare to supply. Go here.

CityCo & BID MEMBERS: For general guidance around counter-terrorism preparedness and business support, you can talk to our Operations Team. Email or call 0161 838 3250.