CitySession: Responsible Retail

Date & Time
Rider Levett Bucknall, 4th Floor, 1 King St, Manchester M2 6AW

This CitySession will bring together a panel of industry experts including retailers and social value and business professionals to discuss what steps businesses need to take to be seen as socially conscious in 2018 and beyond. This is no longer as simple as reserving a date in the company diary for CSR days or raising some money for a nominated charity, businesses are now encouraged to change lives through local procurement, reaching out to local communities and hard to reach clients and give opportunities to those who really need it.

We’ll specifically look at how retailers in Manchester are contributing to social value through their companies and what small gestures can make such a difference to people’s lives. From growing sustainable materials and tracking the life of a garment, to reusing, recycling and donating products. Listen to our retailers examples of how they make a difference in the world.

An introduction for the event will be delivered by Jen Pemberton of ANTZ Network who will explain social value and how companies can align Corporate & Social Strategy though ANTZ Services and how this network of Business, Charity & 3rd Sector organisations are helping communities and individuals in Manchester and beyond.


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