CitySession: The Future of Hotels in Manchester

Date & Time
Native Manchester, Ducie Street Warehouse

So many hotels and Aparthotels are ripping up the hotel rule book and doing it differently to bring hotels into the 21st century.

So what does the hotel of the future look like?

We’re already seeing evidence of this in Manchester. The hotel of 2020 is a cool, vibrant, community driven place, no longer putting emphasis on the needs of residents alone, but looking to welcome outside custom with co-working spaces, elevated F&B concepts, entertainment fitting of a millennial crowd and lots of independent businesses setting up shop in hotels to provide something that stands out from the rest.

In this discussion, Journalist, Tony Naylor asks what is the hotel of the future? How have trends evolved in recent years and what has driven this? What does the modern hotel/apart hotel user need for the perfect hotel stay? And how important is the hotel F&B offer to the business overall?


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