CitySession: Future Shock – The Resilient City

Date & Time

Preparing city centre Manchester for everything, and anything.   

We’re about to explore how to stay on course when dealing with the very worst that the world can throw at you, and then come out ahead, or at least relatively unscathed.

Urban resilience is a catch-all phrase often used to describe how well a city can respond to a very contemporary set of challenges, from terrorism and security to social disorder, health pandemics, technological innovations, climate change and extreme weather events.

As a member of the Rockefeller Institute’s 100 Resilient Cities network Greater Manchester has pledged to be a leading proponent of urban resilience and nowhere are the challenges faced more acutely, than across the centre of the city. From rough sleeping to flooding, or from safety to air quality, resilience is a key factor in keeping the city moving.

Now CityCo and The Manchester BID are exploring how the long range plans for a more shock-proof city intersect with a healthy retail and entertainment sector, the visitor economy and the attraction of new talent into the core of the city.

You can view a write up of the event here.


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