Manchester F&B Network: Tony Naylor in Conversation with Lyndon Higginson

Date & Time
NR&B19 - The NR&B Hub

Manchester F&B Network takes part in the Northern Restaurant & Bar Show for the third year in 2019, and we’ll be bringing you an exciting interview with Manchester entrepreneur, Lyndon Higginson. Lyndon knows bars and restaurants and has created some of Manchester’s biggest names such as The Liars Club, Junk Yard Golf Club, Cain & Grain and Crazy Pedros. He’s also reworked Manchester institution, The Bay Horse Tavern and opened versions of Junk Yard Golf Club in London, Leeds and Oxford.

At this event, Tony Naylor, Guardian Journalist, will chat to Lyndon about his beginnings, where he gets his inventive ideas from and what’s next.

There will be a chance to sign up for the Manchester F&B Network if you haven’t already during the event. If you work in the hospitality sector and would like to sign up in advance please click here.


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