About Manchester Business Improvement District

Manchester’s Business Improvement District (BID) launched in 2013 for a first term of five years. It is a working consortium of almost 400 city centre businesses in the retail district, spanning Market Street, New Cathedral Street, Exchange Square, St Ann’s Square, King Street and Deansgate (see area map).

The BID aims to help city centre Manchester retain and reinforce its standing as the UK’s leading retail destination outside London. Manchester is a world-famous destination for many reasons, but is not immune to competition, economic challenges or changing trends. By working in partnership to raise the profile of the city centre and provide more reasons for people to visit, businesses have come together to strengthen Manchester’s appeal even further.

The Manchester BID is focused on success at all times, and there are four central themes to our work. These remain at our heart. The BID is:

  • Increasing the profile of the city through promotional partnerships, marketing campaigns and ongoing positive PR
  • Increasing communication between the retail community, and acting as lobbying voice for retail with city authorities and stakeholders (including the council, policing and transport organisations)

The BID is financed by a levy made on the basis of rateable value, and was set up following a successful legal ballot. The company is managed by CityCo and the Chief Exec and staff are responsible to the BID board for the delivery of the Business Plan.

The initiatives delivered are decided by a Board of retailers and city stakeholders, who meet quarterly. There is also an operating Finance Board and Events & Marketing Group.

In December 2017 we will be asking BID partners to re-endorse our plan for a prosperous, safe and hugely successful heart of Manchester. Businesses will vote again to decide future priorities for a 2018-2023 term.

Since launch, the BID has developed major projects, built effective partnerships and encouraged more and more participation from retailers to maximize value.

As Manchester grows with its expanding transport infrastructure, new property, public realm and cultural developments, we are harnessing city’s positivity and looking to the future.

To learn more about the work of the Manchester BID, please email Phil Schulze.