2021-22 BID Annual Report

The past two years have been challenging for all operating in Manchester city centre. But throughout, Manchester BID has been working to support our business networks.

As a member of Manchester’s retail Business Improvement District you are in good company. The BID brings together 400 leading retail and restaurant brands across the central shopping district.

The 2018-23 Manchester BID Business Plan aims to attract additional footfall through events and promotional partnerships, increase environmental standards through operational services – and ensure there is a strong lobbying voice for retail with the city’s public authorities.

The BID is a founding member of the The BID Foundation and Northern BIDs Group. We are also a member of British BIDs and work with the Association of Town Centre Management.

Your BID Network 

Manchester BID is managed by the City Centre Management Company, CityCo, and as such, is part of a wider membership community including corporate head offices, property firms, culture, sport and leisure venues, professional services, hotels, education, facilities and transport organisations.

CityCo also runs Manchester’s Business Crime Reduction Partnership, assisting 350 shops and night-time economy venues with a range of security services.

And a thriving PA Network connecting 600 executive assistants and hospitality bookers, with the city’s leading hospitality experiences.

To support our BID business networks, we work in daily partnership with public authorities Manchester City Council, Transport for Greater Manchester, Greater Manchester kand Marketing Manchester.

Your BID Board


Jane Sharrocks, General Manager, Selfridges Exchange Square


  • David Allinson, Centre Director, Manchester Arndale
  • Richard Forster, Senior Bank Manager, Manchester Flagship Lloyds Bank
  • Roger Khoryati, Franchisee, McDonalds
  • Margaret Neville, General Manager, Boots
  • Claire Ryan, General Manager Primark

Associate Directors

  • Sheona Southern, Managing Director, Marketing Manchester
  • Fiona Worrall, Director of Neighbourhoods, Manchester City Council

Board Minutes

To request sight of 2021-2 Board meeting minutes, please email Manchester BID Manager Phil.Schulze@cityco.com

2021-22 Highlights 

Whether via sharing critical information, street or security assistance, events or PR, we have continued to help our BID networks via a range of Business Services:

  • Operational & Security Support
  • Manchester’s Business Crime Reduction Partnership (BCRP)
  • A new BID Cleaning Programme
  • The team of City Hosts
  • Public Events Programme and Promotional Campaigns
  • Business Briefings & Training
  • Provision of city intel
  • City Forums & Lobbying
  • The PA Network
  • Tourism Marketing in partnership with Visit Manchester.

Representing Business Interests

Over the past 12 months, your BID Board and Finance Board have continued to meet regularly. And, via CityCo, BID interests have been consistently represented at relevant committees attended by/led by public sector agencies.

An example of lobbying success in 2021, was to delay of Exchange Square refurbishment works planned for the crucial Autumn-Christmas retail period. Manchester BID ensured works were put back to early 2022, to assist levy payer trading.

Covid Business Support and City Centre Reopening

Manchester BID has been a retail and hospitality organisation for the past decade, but Covid proved how inter-connected the city centre is.

During 2020 lockdowns, last year, and since, we have continued to bring together organisations to support with corporate resilience practices.

We assisted with grant support funding, delivered numerous impact information briefings, shared intelligence and operational guidance. We coordinated traffic orders and the installing of outdoor street areas for hospitality levy payers. We also managed queues and crowd management best practice around retailers.

Last summer, as the city centre gradually reopened, Manchester BID was the first agency to host a safe ‘welcome-back’ street festival in the floral-themed shape of The Manchester Flower Show.

This was followed by the return of the BID’s ‘MCR Student Social’ in partnership with Manchester Arndale, ‘Halloween in the City’, ‘The First Day of Christmas’ and Chinese New Year celebrations and city campaign.

All the BID’s work during the pandemic has been to continue to create a resilient, community-centred, city.

Animating the City Centre to Help Drive Footfall

2021/22 BID Public Events Calendar 

  • The Manchester Flower Show (June)
  • Manchester Pride Collaboration (August)
  • MCR Student Social (September)
  • Halloween in the City (October)
  • The First Day of Christmas (November)
  • Chinese New Year 2022 (February)

Chinese New Year

In February 2022, Manchester BID worked for the 8th year with the Federation of Chinese Associations of Manchester (FCAM), Manchester City Council, Marketing Manchester and Manchester China Forum to welcome-in the Year of the Tiger.

Event Highlights

  • Giant Tiger sculpture in St Ann’s Square, commissioned by Manchester BID, created by Decordia Events
  • 1000’s of red lanterns across the shopping district
  • Sunday Chinatown traditional events, performances and celebrations


  • Full outdoor, digital advertising, social and print media campaign
  • PR including media partnerships with targeted outlets
  • Online portal and digital content visitmanchester.com/chinesenewyear
  • Editorial content around events
  • Paid digital ads across Google and Facebook
  • Organic social across Facebook, Twitter, WeChat and Weibo

Press Coverage 

  • £1.07 million AVE (advertising value equivalent) of press coverage across 78 features
  • Inc. Manchester Evening News, The Manc, I Love MCR, Finest, Wire, Confidential, The Guardian ‘Photo of the Day’, The Times, North West Tonight, ITV Granada Reports, Hits FM

Press Coverage Report


The First Day of Christmas

In November 2021, Manchester BID worked to celebrate ‘the first day of Christmas shopping’ in Manchester, coinciding with the launch of the famous Christmas Markets.

Event Highlights

  • ‘Surprise and Delight’ festive street circus
  • Themed performances and live music


  • Digital and PR campaign
  • Online digital content as part of visitmanchester.com/christmas
  • Paid digital ads across Google and Facebook
  • Organic social across Facebook, Twitter

Press Coverage 

  • £122,000 of press coverage across 23 features
  • Inc. Manchester Evening News, The Manc, I Love MCR, Manchester’s Finest

Press Coverage Report


Halloween In The City 

In October 2021, Manchester BID worked for the 5th year with Manchester City Council, Marketing Manchester and Transport for Greater Manchester to celebrate Halloween.

Event Highlights

  • Giant inflatable Monsters on the rooftops
  • 1000’s of pumpkin lanterns across the retail district
  • Walk the Plank Monster Parade


  • Full outdoor, digital advertising, social and print media campaign
  • PR including media partnerships with targeted outlets
  • Online portal visitmanchester.com/halloween
  • Priority placements across the site for Halloween including megamenus, inspiration blocks and homepage features
  • Editorial content around the events
  • Paid digital advertising campaign across across Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest
  • Organic social campaign across Facebook, Twitter, WeChat and Weibo

Press Coverage

  • £508,000 AVE (advertising value equivalent) achieved across 64 features
  • Inc. The Independent ‘Pictures of the Day’, BBC, Key 103 Radio, The Manc, I Love Manchester, Manchester Evening News

Press Coverage Report


The Manchester Flower Show

In June 2021, Manchester BID worked as the first events company to host a public street festival, post-pandemic. The BID district was transformed on a floral-theme and many CityCo members and corporate partners also took part.

Event Highlights

  • Show gardens, green takeovers and themed displays across the retail district
  • RHS presence


  • Full outdoor, digital advertising, social and print media campaign
  • PR including media partnerships with targeted outlets
  • Online portal visitmanchester.com/manchesterflowershow
  • Editorial content around the events
  • Paid digital advertising campaign across across Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest
  • Organic social campaign across Facebook, Twitter

Press Coverage

  • £730,000 AVE (advertising value equivalent) of coverage across 73 pieces of coverage
  • Inc. features in all local press, The Sunday Telegraph, The Independent and a live broadcast on North West Tonight

Press Coverage Report


Visit Manchester Tourist Board Partnership

During the past 12 months, Manchester BID has continued its ongoing digital partnership with Marketing Manchester, to expand the reach of city centre campaigns targeted at regional, national and international visitors.

Chinese New Year Digital Campaign Results

  • +90,000 website views to visitmanchester.com/flowershow
  • 2 million social media reach
  • 1,345,352 paid digital impressions
  • 658,781 organic digital reach

First Day of Christmas Campaign Results

  • +80,000 website views to visitmanchester.com/mcrchristmas
  • 1.2m paid digital impressions
  • 140,000 organic digital impressions

Halloween in the City Digital Campaign Results

  • +74,000 website views to visitmanchester.com/halloween
  • + 2.5 million paid digital impressions
  • +790,000 organic digital reach

Manchester Flower Show Digital Campaign Results

  • +90,000 website views to visitmanchester.com/chinesenewyear
  • + 1.3 million paid digital impressions
  • +218,000 organic digital reach

King Street: Cheshire Life and Visit Manchester Partnership

In September 2021, Manchester BID ran a partnership with Cheshire Life and Visit Manchester to promote the area as one of Manchester BID’s premium shopping and hospitality destinations.

View the ‘Crown Goes to King Street’ Cheshire Life article

View the King Street visitmanchester.com portal

Luxury Retail and Hospitality: Avanti Trains and Visit Manchester Partnership

In March 2022, Manchester BID ran a partnership with Avanti West Coast trains and Visit Manchester to encourage weekend ‘luxury break’ trips to the city centre.

View the ‘Luxury Break’ visitmanchester.com portal

View the ‘Win a Luxury Mini-Break’ competition

Luxury Digital Campaign Results

  • 3.8m impressions across the paid campaign
  • 18,000 clicks to the campaign landing page
  • 6,000 entries to the competition

City Hosts

Your City Hosts have continued to welcome back visitors to the central retail area, post-lockdowns. The team continue to visit retailers and restaurants to update businesses, and report daily on operational, security and street issues.

Your City Hosts team:

  • Kathleen Cattle
  • Phil Dale
  • Louise Jefferson
  • Nicholas Mainka
  • Grant Morgan

On the Ground

New Street Cleaning Programme 

In 2021, Manchester BID launched a new retail district cleaning programme in addition to Council activity. This is to increase the frequency of street cleaning in the city centre. The aim is to improve the customer welcome and operator experience around Manchester’s main shopping and leisure area.

Streets in the programme include Deansgate, St Ann’s Square, Piccadilly, Market Street, King Street, New Cathedral Street, Exchange Square, Police Street, Mosley Street, Four Yards, Marble Street, Half Moon Street and New Market Lane.

Ramora and Adept Corporate Services have been commissioned by the BID as service providers.

Daily Operational Support

Over the past 12 months your Operations team has continued to support BID businesses. Areas of support have included:

  • Addressing street concerns outside premises
  • Advising on security protocols
  • Dealing with repairs and maintenance issues
  • Providing intelligence to enforcement and out-of-hours Council neighbourhood teams
  • Advising around commercial waste and organised cleansing
  • Actioning needles, detritus, and bin removal
  • Advising on the impact of transport works
  • Delivering counter-terrorism awareness training
  • Providing intel around city centre protests and disruptions
  • Offering urban resilience guidance and business continuity advice.

Action on Street Vulnerability

Helping people who sleep rough on Manchester’s streets remains a complex and challenging issue. BID business interests have continued to be represented via CityCo sitting on The Manchester Homelessness Partnership board.

The MHP brings together charities, authorities, service providers, businesses and people with personal insight into homelessness to promote positive change.

In 2021, the fundraising campaign changed its name to Real Change MCR and updated materials and guidance were shared.

Business Crime Reduction Partnership

Business Crime Reduction Partnership members in the BID district have continued be supported over the past 12 months, through the BCRP’s offender management system.

The team has continued to work on behalf of retailers with Greater Manchester Police, Manchester Licensing Units and Anti-Social Behaviour teams. Businesses have been assisted through reporting, real-time intelligence, training and access to security radios.

Training has also continued to be offered to BCRP members and BID retailers around loss from theft, fraud, counterfeit currency and conflict management.

In the Know

Weekly and Monthly Footfall Trends

Each week and month, Manchester BID has posted to the website footfall trends from 4 cameras across the BID district, with data provided by Springboard UK.

Monthly City Centre Performance Briefing

The BID has also continued to provide access to various strands of data and city intel via our expert teams.

Alongside footfall, we have offered tailored versions of our Property and Hotel Developments Maps in partnership with UrbInfo.

And in 2021, we launched two new sources of data in partnership with Beauclair: Customer Demographics and City Spend Data.

We also launched a new Monthly Online Performance Briefing for BID levy payers to update on the latest intel around retail, transport and city developments. This is hosted each month by BID & CityCo Chief Exec Vaughan Allen and Manchester BID Manager Phil Schulze.

ACT Awareness Training

As part of the BID’s urban resilience tools, over the past year the BID has supported the roll-out of Action Counters Terrorism (ACT) training. These sessions are in support of Martyn’s Law: now a compulsory requirement for licence holders following the devastating 2017 Manchester Arena attack.

Training has been delivered by Counter Terrorism Policing North West (CTPNW) and Greater Manchester Police, in partnership with CityCo/Manchester BID and Manchester City Council.

All events have been kindly supported by Figen Murray OBE.

Training has taken place at a number of venues, with the latest at the Vue Cinema in The Printworks hosting 250 people. This was the largest training of its kind held in the UK to date.

The PA Network 

CityCo’s PA Network events are a fantastic opportunity for BID Members to showcase corporate hospitality and products to the city’s PAs, Exec Assistants and Event Bookers. In 2021-22 we relaunched with sold-out events at:

  • Whitworth Locke Hotel
  • The Lowry Hotel
  • Dakota Hotel
  • The Stock Exchange Hotel
  • Kimpton Clocktower Hotel
  • Lancashire County Cricket Club
  • Ducie Street Warehouse
  • Moxy Manchester City


Levies 1,099,450 99%
Self Generated 5,977 1%
Events Production/Marketing 404,169 35%
PR/Comms/Awards 62,222 5%
Sales Data/Reporting 46,229 4%
Core Staff/ City Hosts 310,399 27%
Operational Support 170,993 15%
Overheads/Admin 157,054 14%

Coming Up in 2022

Following this busy past year, we are now looking ahead. 2022 will see the continued roll-out of our public events, City Hosts, operational, security, city intel and lobbying support.

And then in December, the BID will go to a legal ballot for the third term to continue its vital work.

We have identified a number of pillars of work for the new business plan as here – some carrying on from work we’ve been doing, some completely new.

The BID is Your company: CityCo Manchester is engaged to deliver the business plan You help to shape.

So please do get involved and be part of the discussion.

Keeping in Touch

The BID team works across Retail Liaison, Operations, Business Crime, Events, Marketing and Finance.

We continue to share news, resources, services and how to participate in activities via email newsletters, on this website and on social.

We also share printed calendars and newsletters, delivered by your City Hosts or posted.

To discuss Manchester’s Business Improvement District in more detail, please email Phil Schulze.

Please let us know if any company contact details have changed.

Manchester BID & CityCo
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22 Lloyd Street
Manchester, M2 5WA

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