CityConversations: 2022 Transport Planning (CITYCO/BID)

Date & Time

CityCo has relaunched our CityConversations corporate events series hosted by Vaughan Allen, Chief Exec, CityCo and Manchester BID. The sessions are chance to hear from Manchester colleagues on the strategies, developments and initiatives that are shaping our city centre.

For the rest of the year, we are looking ahead to 2022. What is planned? How do we bring regional residents, workers and tourists back into the city centre? How will they move about? How is Manchester city centre evolving? Whilst we previously hosted guests in front of a panel, for now, we still stick to Zoom.

We started with a briefing around Manchester’s 2022 public events programme: next year will see many events and festivals reanimate the streets.

To follow, we had an informative session with Transport for Greater Manchester to update on the latest planning, major investments and headlines. With many thanks to our speakers:

  • Emma Flinn, Head of Partnerships, Engagement and Inclusion, Transport for Greater Manchester
  • Sally Prime, Policy Officer, Transport for Greater Manchester
  • Graham Banks, Customer Travel Information Manager, Transport for Greater Manchester

The presentations included:

Current Network Overview and Look Ahead to the New Year

  • Current travel patterns and  transport demand/trends intelligence
  • The Metrolink Christmas campaign
  • Major events coming up that will impact travel planning
  • Future transport works and mitigations
  • Support available online for businesses and employers

Delivering ‘Destination Bee Network’

  • The vision for Greater Manchester’s #BeeNetwork
  • New Cycle Hire scheme underway
  • Investment in key transport infrastructure
  • Delivering a London-style bus network
  • Integrated rail plan

Clean Air GM Preparations

  • What is the Clean Air Plan?
  • Milestones and a look ahead
  • Financial support available

Clean Air GM Overview (November 2021) PDF


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