BID Governance

Manchester BID is governed by a Board of Directors.

It is a an independent, not-for-profit, limited-by-guarantee company. Like all BIDs, The Manchester BID Company was set-up following a successful legal ballot in the specified geographical area. The BID is financed by a % levy per property, made on the basis of rateable value. Following inauguration in 2013, in December 2017, the BID was renewed for a second 5 year term.

2017 Ballot results:

77% in favour, by votes cast
75% in favour, by rateable value
43% turnout, from 401 eligible voter status

The Board

CityCo’s Chief Exec and team are responsible to a Board of retail leaders and associate directors for the delivery of the 2018-23 Business Plan.

The Board is made up of representatives from levy-paying businesses, alongside non-exec directors from stakeholders. The Chair is Jane Sharrocks, General Manager of Selfridges Manchester Exchange Square and the Board meets four times a year. A number of ‘Sector Groups’ meet, each led by a business representative who then sits on, and reports back, to the main Board:

  • Jewellery Sector Group
  • Financial Services Sector Group
  • Operations Sector Group
  • Major Stores Sector Group
  • Events & Marketing Sector Group
  • Food & Beverage Sector Group

In addition, an officially constituted Finance Committee meets and makes recommendations to the main Board.

To request sight of Board meeting minutes, please email Phil Schulze.

Manchester BID Manager
07764 977556

If you are Manchester BID levy payer and you have any feedback about the governance, workings or projects of the BID, please also contact Phil.