Manchester BID: The Story so Far

Manchester Today

  • Second most visited city in England by domestic visitors
  • Third most visited UK destination by international visitors, an increase of 30% between 2006 and 2016
  • 40 million visitors to Manchester’s retail district every year, spending over £900 million
  • 40% of direct tourism revenue in Manchester is generated through shopping
  • 100,000 strong student population, the UK’s largest
  • 50,000 city centre residential population, a rise of 20,000 over the last decade, with more than 10,000 new apartments in development
  • £3 billion worth of major property developments in the pipeline, including at St John’s, Old Granada Studios, Mayfield, NOMA and Kampus
  • £1.5 billion tram line expansion, with more than £1.85 billlion allocated to transport improvements over the next five years, including the transformation of Manchester Airport.
  • 2,300 new hotel rooms across Manchester city centre coming on board, increasing supply by 25%
  • £11 million worth of development underway at Manchester Arndale, the UK’s busiest inner-city shopping centre

Every success has a story to tell and Manchester’s Business Improvement District (BID) is part of the picture.

Since 2013, 400 retail businesses have been working together, through CityCo, to support the city’s growth and our city centre offer

Manchester’s First BID in Numbers

  • Continuous footfall growth (2013 – 2017): MCR +4.7% v  UK -1.2% (all day)
  • Continuous footfall growth (2013 – 2017): MCR +4.6% v  UK -0.8% (evening)
  • £900 million spent in Manchester’s retail district each year
  • £76 million worth of additional visitor spend in 2015/16 as a result of the city’s seasonal marketing campaigns
  • £11.8 million worth of local, regional and national marketing and press value for the BID’s public events
  • +72% uplift in footfall (2017 v 2016) for The King Street Festival
  • +19% uplift in footfall (2017 v 2016) for Chinese New Year, including 100,000 people on the Sunday, the busiest ever recorded
  • 1 million visitors to Dig the City, the BID’s summer garden festival
  • 500,000 visitors helped by the BID’s welcoming team, our City Hosts
  • 300 businesses completed Project Griffin counter-terrorism awareness training
  • 135 stores scored over 90% in our 2017 Mystery Shopping Awards

As one of the UK’s leading Business Improvement Districts, we’ve worked hard to measure our performance and success.

Flick through our Story so Far brochure to read about what we promised to deliver and our success since:

And see our public events on film:

Manchester’s Next BID

Your BID, Your Vote

Since 2013, 400 businesses have been investing and working together to support the city’s growth and our city centre offer. We are now asking levy payers to vote again for a second term of the Manchester BID. Your vote is essential if you want to continue to see improvements in the heart of Manchester.

The 2018-2023 BID will raise £6 million additional investment.

Funds will help to address operational and security concerns, to raise the profile of the city nationally and internationally, to improve the visitor welcome and to promote Manchester as a place to invest, do business, shop, work and play.

2018 – 2023 Business Plan

The new Business Plan was developed over a 12 month consultation process, through a Shadow Board process, with priorities agreed by businesses across Manchester’s retail district.

Vote yes again, to continue to shape Manchester’s future and build on success so far. This is a vote for a leading, prosperous and progressive city centre. It is a vote for:

  • More collaborative and partnership working
  • More high-quality public events throughout the year
  • More operational and security support services for businesses
  • More positive PR and marketing coverage here and overseas
  • More lobbying for retailers with public authorities
  • More communication between the city centre business community

Ballot Process

So now, it’s over to you. Voting open on Monday 6 November. When you receive your ballot paper, simply fill it out and return it in the envelope provided by Monday 4 December.

If you lose the ballot paper or need a replacement, please call the team on 0161 838 3250.

For more information about the Manchester BID and its second term, please email BID Manager Phil Schulze or call 0161 838 3250.