The world’s largest bike-sharing scheme Mobike, has come to Manchester and Salford. CityCo, the city centre company for Manchester and Salford, supported the launch with a business summit, public showcase and PR. We’re excited to see the scheme underway; a partnership between CityCo and the Manchester BID, TfGM, Manchester City Council, Salford City Council, MIDAS, Manchester China Forum, Visit Manchester and Visit Salford.

Beijing-based Mobike runs more than 100 cycle hire schemes across Singapore and China. The cycles are high-tech aluminium machines with airless tyres, a GPS tracker, built-in lock and a cashless smartphone app.

By downloading the app, finding a nearby Mobike and scanning its code, users can easily pick up the bikes and park-up at any public bicycle parking location. Businesses can request their own parking hub by contacting Mobike here.

The scheme is aimed at getting more people on two wheels for short trips, and it will help to tackle congestion and pollution.

Contact Mobike

If you encounter any issue, report it through the app by tapping on the bottom right icon and making a report. You can also contact Mobike directly in these ways:
Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

*CityCo cannot help with direct technical enquiries. Please contact Mobike, they are ready to help! 


What is bike-sharing?

Mobike is the world’s first smart, dock-free bikeshare platform that solves the short distance connectivity problem in cities. Mobike uses a unique patented bike design and a smart lock system, combined with a simple smartphone app to bring you greater access to bicycles and convenience when you need it the most.

You can learn more about Mobike at  Any questions can also be sent to Mobike on Twitter @mobikeuk, where the team will answer directly.

Registration & Account

You need to download the app to use the service.

If you did not receive the verification code via SMS, click “cannot receive the code” on the registration page, and try the voice call option instead. Mobike will then call you with the code.

What are the features?

Apart from easy locking and unlocking alongside automatic payment, Mobike has many features: click on the top left icon to enter “your account”. In your account, you can access the total distance you’ve ridden, the details of all your trips taken, your current Mobike credit and your personal invitation code.

When you click on any trip in the “My Trips” option, you will find a summary of the trip along with the route taken.

App versions 3.1 and above include the Mobike Credit feature. The more responsibly you use Mobike, the more credit you will accumulate.

Where are the official Mobike parking spots? How many? Will there be more?

You can find all of Mobike’s current MPL locations in Manchester and Salford here.

As Mobike expands, they will work with partners and the Council to have more spots. Should you want a parking spot outside your business, please contact Mobike.

Best Parking Practices: Where should I park after I’m done?

Mobikers are encouraged to park at Mobike Preferred Locations (MPL) and any public bicycle parking location.

Mobikes should never be parked on private property or in car parks.

To provide all Mobikers with an excellent riding experience, Mobike seek your assistance and understanding to park in visible locations.

Here are some best parking practices:

Here are some bad parking examples:

  • Don’t park in private property
  • Don’t park inside a building or in a car park
  • Don’t park in a location which obstructs traffic
  • Don’t park it where it could impact other means of transportation

Good etiquette includes parking the bike at preferred Mobike Hubs, reporting wrongfully parked bikes or defective bikes, detailing where you parked the bike for the next user to find it more easily, and more.

On the other hand, poor behaviour will result in a reduction of Mobike credit, and the risk of a frozen account should your credit get down to 0.

To check on your credit details, go to “Your Account” / User Center -> My Mobike Credit.

Report bad parking practices

If you see any illegal or poorly parked Mobikes, please send us feedback in app and you will be rewarded with Mobike Credits. To report, you can click the “headphone” icon in the bottom right corner, click on the “wrong parking” button and send your feedback! Please do remember to include the bike number in your feedback.

How long is my bike reservation valid for?

When you select a Mobike on the map and press “make a reservation”, the bike will be reserved for 15 minutes. You are still able to unlock another bike.

How do I find the reserved bike?

When you successfully reserve a bike, it will be the only one to appear on the map, along with directions to get to it. When you are close to it, you can ring it to sound a noise to find it with ease.

The bike’s location system might be influenced by the surroundings, therefore its actual location might vary slightly from the app, so please keep an eye out around the location on the app to find the bike.

I’m unable to unlock the bike

If the bike doesn’t unlock on the first try, please close the app and try to scan the code again. If you repeatedly cannot unlock the bike, please follow the advice below:

  • If the app prompts you with “Please make sure you are next to the bike and try again”, you can try to wiggle the lock and the back wheel. The bike will beep three times, please wait a minute and try to scan the code again.
  • If the app prompts you with “I’m having a rest, please try another bike”, this bike might be temporarily unusable, waiting for Mobike’s operation team to intervene
  • If the bike’s lock has a blue blinking light, it means another user has reserved it
  • If you have tried all the above and are still unable to unlock the bike, this bike might be temporarily blocked and waiting for Mobike’s operations team to intervene. You can help Mobike by clicking on the icon in the bottom right hand corner and reporting this bike’s problem.

My trip did not end after I locked the bike

If you do not receive a trip summary within 2 minutes, please follow the checklist below:

  • Please check that you have enabled notifications for your Mobike app in your phone’s settings.
  • After locking the bike and hearing the 3-beeps, you can try relaunching the Mobike app on your phone.
  • If you didn’t hear the 3-beeps when locking the bike, you can wiggle the lock’s red handle to make sure that it’s locked properly. After that, relaunch the Mobike app.
  • If you tried all the above but the app has not recovered, you can help Mobike by clicking on the icon in the bottom right corner and reporting this bike’s problem.

What about Helmets?

While bicycle helmets are not required to be worn by law in the United Kingdom the British Medical Association advocates the compulsory use of helmets. Cyclists’ Touring Club, the largest cycling advocacy organisation in the UK, consider helmet wearing as personal choice rather than being mandated by legislation. Mobike suggest you bring your helmet with you.

What if the bike is too small/big?

The bike has an adjustable seat; you can easily adapt the height to suit you by lifting the handle under the seat, adjusting the height and closing the handle to secure.

Are there any age restrictions?

Yes. You have 16+ to have the app and use the bikes. This is stressed in the terms and conditions and if someone under 16 uses the bike or app there is no way to stop them but they will be contravening the app holders contract.

Won’t there be lots of messy bikes littering up the city?

Mobikes are connected via GPS technology to an IoT network, meaning Mobike are able to located every bike easily, saving cost, time and emissions on operations to relocate bikes as needed.

Additionally there will be a Mobike operations team moving bikes and tidying bikes up. If you see a messy Mobike call the number or, if you are an app user, report it and you will be rewarded with credits.

Why do I have to pay a deposit?

A one-time refundable deposit is required to use Mobike, and they accept all major Credit or Debit Cards and PayPal. The deposit is to encourage responsible use. After paying the deposit you may try Mobike without topping up your account, you will need to top up to continue riding.

How do I top up my wallet?

  • To top-up your wallet, enter My Account -> My Wallet -> Top-up.
  • You cannot withdraw the money from your wallet, but don’t worry: it will never expire, so you can use it anytime.

How long does the refund take?

Your deposit is fully refundable if you no longer wish to have a Mobike account. In app directly or via e-mail at

How are fares calculated?

Mobike’s pricing is based on the amount of time you use the bikes.

How much does it cost to use Mobike?

To use Mobike for the first time, you will need to make a one-time refundable deposit of £49. For the Manchester launch, there is a special introductory discount to £29 this summer. A single trip cost is 50p for every 30 minutes. Charges start once the bike has been unlocked. The timer will reset each time the bike is locked.

Is it free to reserve a bike or cancel the reservation?

Making a reservation and cancelling it is free. Unlocking the bike starts the counter for payment, and locking it manually ends the trip. Unlocking the same bike after locking it starts a new trip.

What happens when my fare exceeds my wallet balance?

If you are already riding it will not affect your current ride. However, you will not be able to begin a new ride and will not have your deposit refunded until you have topped up your wallet to pay the negative balance.


After locking the bike, how long does it take for it to stop charging me?

The trip ends immediately once the bike is locked. You will then receive a receipt containing the trip summary and the final ride cost inside the Mobike App. In the event you do not receive the receipt within 2 minutes, please follow the following guidelines:

  1. Please check that you have enabled notifications for your Mobike APP in your phone’s settings.
  2. After locking the bike and hearing the 3-beeps, you can try relaunching the Mobike App on your phone.
  3. If you didn’t hear the 3-beeps when locking the bike, you can try to wiggle the lock’s red handle to make sure that it’s locked properly. After that, relaunch the Mobike App.
  4. If you tried all of the above but the app has still not recovered. You can help us by clicking on the icon in the bottom right corner and reporting this bike’s problem.

If you tried all the above mentioned guidelines and still did not receive your receipt. Please contact our support team at for assistance.

How do I report a faulty bike?

Did you stumble upon a faulty Mobike? Broken pedal, missing bell or the bike won’t move? Please click on the icon in the bottom right corner of the app and report the problem by choosing from the defect list. Our operation team will collect, fix the bike and redeploy as soon as possible.

What are Mobike Credits?

Mobike’s mission is to provide an economical, environmentally friendly mode of transportation using innovation and technology. To achieve this mission, Mobike encourages proper usage and does not tolerate misuse and inappropriate behavior. Below are the Credit Points Guidelines:

Each new user will be entitled 100 Credit Points and is able to hold a maximum of 10,000 points and a minimum of 0 points. Higher credit points indicate proper usage and good conduct whereas low credit points indicate misuse and inappropriate usage.

Having low credit points will affect the fare for your trips. When your Credit Points are 80 or lower, the fares for usage will be £100 per 30 mins. (You will be awarded 100 Mobike credits upon registration. For more information on Mobike Credit Point Deduction, refer to “My Mobike Credits”)

All credit point deduction can be found under “My Account” -> “My Mobike Credits” -> ”Deductions”. If there was an error in your credit points deduction, please report the error at the lower right corner of the App.

How can I check my Mobike Credit?

In your account your credit is displayed underneath your name, you can click through for more details on why your credit may have changed.

What happens when my Mobike Credits are too low?

Once your Mobike Credits falls below 80, the fare for your trip will increase.

How do I lose credit?

Loss of credit is due to the misuse or inappropriate usage of the Mobike service. This credit deduction system is managed from feedback provided to us from the local authority, other users and official government organisations.

Low credit will affect your Mobike usage. For example, when your credit points are 80 or below, your fare will increase to £100 per 30 min. To appeal a deduction, tap on the icon in the lower right corner of the APP ad make a report. Please provide supporting evidence for your appeal.