We pride ourselves on helping CityCo and Manchester BID members do better business. Whether it is via sharing critical intelligence, operational and security support, our events or promotional opportunities, we are here to help the city work for you. We offer a range of Business Services.

City Intelligence

CityCo and Manchester BID offer our networks snapshots of what’s happening in the city to help direct operations, deliver effective resilience plans and maximise marketing opportunities.

Our established relationships with businesses from all sectors, public agencies, services and decision-makers across Manchester and Salford makes us uniquely well-placed to provide the business intelligence you need.

We invite member companies to Business Briefings, provide real-time emergency response and advice from trusted sources via direct calls, meetings, emails and social media, notify of major road closures, post footfall and sales trends and offer access to the City Centre Emergency Planning Zoning Map, Property Development Maps and Manchester Heart Safe Scheme.

From industry conferences to international festivals, we can also point to Manchester’s diverse City Centre Events Calendar to help prepare for seasonal peaks and busy times.