We pride ourselves on helping CityCo and Manchester BID members do better business. Whether it is via sharing critical intelligence, operational and security support, our events or promotional opportunities, we are here to help the city work for you. We offer a range of business services.

Operational Support

CityCo works very closely with Manchester and Salford’s public agencies to make sure the city centre is working as effectively as possible and we are raising standards.

We advise CityCo and Manchester BID members on environmental and public realm issues and anything that may affect productivity, access, health or safety.

We help to resolve daily operational problems as well as address longer term concerns. Issues could be to do with litter, street-cleaning or the removal of commercial waste for example. The team can also escalate complex problems to do with tackling traffic management, noise, homelessness, begging, retail theft and anti-social behaviour.

In the retail district, the BID’s City Hosts patrol the area, generating reports around environmental issues which are then sent to Manchester City Council, resulting in quicker resolution for businesses.

We deliver targeted operational projects too including the city’s Heart Safe Scheme, First Aid Training, Counter-Terrorism Awareness Training and briefings around addressing rough-sleeping in the city centre.

Our members benefit from:

For membership enquiries, please contact Athena.

If you are an existing CityCo or Manchester BID member and need operational support, please email Emma.