Success in Stats

In 2016 Lonely Planet rated Manchester one of the top ten places to visit in the world. The Manchester BID is playing its part in building our reputation and promoting the city as a great destination, that’s going places.

We are focused on success at all times and there are central themes to our work. These remain at our heart:

  • Increasing footfall
  • Increasing standards
  • Increasing promotion
  • Increasing communication
  • 40M+visitors to Manchester’s retail BID district each year
  • £900Mretail spend in Manchester city centre each year
  • £5Mlevy income from the BID being spent to enhance the city centre over 5 years
  • 400city centre retailers working together to transform the city offer and create more reasons for people to visit
  • +4.8%continuous footfall growth in the BID district since launch
  • +4.1%average annual increase in footfall in the BID district between 5-8pm since launch
  • 76Mof extra spending unlocked through the city’s seasonal marketing campaigns in 2016
  • 7annual public events delivered by the BID, up from the 2 set out in the Business Plan
  • 19%year on year increase in footfall for the BID’s 2017 Chinese New Year celebrations
  • 27%year on year increase in footfall on Exchange Square and 25% up on Market Street for 2017 Chinese New Year
  • £1.67MAVE of international, national and regional press coverage gained for our 2017 Chinese New Year PR campaign
  • 190Kmarketing value delivered for our 2017 Chinese New Year campaign
  • 60M+opportunities to see the city’s 2016 Christmas outdoor campaign
  • £61Mworth of extra spend by visitors as result of the city’s 2016 Christmas campaign
  • 3annual RHS Gold Medals won by Dig the City and Commendation at the UK Event Awards
  • 6%average growth in footfall in the BID district during 5-8pm, 2016 v 2015
  • 110Km2 of extra pavements cleaned in the retail district by the BID
  • 15Kbusiness visits undertaken by our City Hosts