Manchester BID Third Term


After a decade of delivering successful initiatives that have supported businesses and brought more vibrancy to the city centre, Manchester BID is looking forward to the next 5 years.

It’s hard to believe it’s been ten years since Manchester BID was founded to bring people back into the city centre after the 2011 riots. Since then, the BID has helped see the city centre through the impact of the 2017 Manchester Arena Bombing, the building of the second city centre tram line, two years of Covid, massive demographic change, and a collapse in international tourism.

At the end of it all, we’re still doing what we originally set out to do – delivering large-scale events to attract people into the city, promoting the city centre as a place to visit, work and play, and building  the business community’s ability to react to both the everyday and the occasional crisis.

And all of this delivered by CityCo, The City Centre Management Company, which allowed the BID to build relationships with businesses across the city and to be operated with limited overheads.

Manchester is growing as fast as it has ever done. Another 20-30,000 residents will be living in the city centre in the next decade. New cultural attractions, new hotels, new arenas are all coming online in the next year. Massive new office developments are underway. Retail is changing. Hospitality continues to grow. Offices will have some sort of hybrid model for the foreseeable future.

And here we remain. Supporting Manchester as a city centre where people want to come to work, where they want to come to play, where they want to come to visit.

Together we are stronger. In December 2022 you get the chance to vote for the continuation of all this work for another five years.

Think what we could achieve together in that time.

Jane Sharrocks
Chair, Manchester BID & General Manager, Selfridges Exchange Manchester




Attracting shoppers, visitors, tourists, and workers into the city centre, whilst enhancing the city’s reputation as a thriving destination.


Improving the city centre as a welcoming, attractive, resilient, and safe place.


Maintaining a tight-knit relationship between levy payers and keeping businesses in the loop with city authorities.


Continuing to support businesses to help meet Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) commitments.


The rules form part of the formal Proposal that will go to Manchester City Council exec and will be live on this site once accepted.


Streets included in the 2018-23 Manchester Business Improvement District:


As an active BID, we are constantly in contact with levy payers. We started the formal consultation process for the new BID at the beginning of 2022. Throughout the year we have run shadow boards (on and off-line), consultation workshops and open meetings to discuss potential objectives and the future business plan. Feedback from these meetings and discussions has shaped the prospectus, and directed us to focus much more heavily on operational delivery and on the ESG agenda.

By the end of the consultation process around two-thirds of businesses liable to the levy will have attended one of these sessions, been talked to individually or received a mailing about the BID and the process.


The Manchester BID Company is an independent, not-for-profit limited-by-guarantee company, run by an independent board of directors. Governance is in place at three levels:

The Board: via CityCo and its staff, manages the day-to-day delivery of the business plan particularly with regard to financial propriety and value. The Board is a small team representative of the different sectors of levy-payers. Should the BID ballot be successful, we will ask for expressions of interest in joining the Board, with a view to the new Board being in place by April 2023. The Board meets four to six times a year.

A wider Advisory Council: this will meet three or four times a year to discuss the wider performance of the city centre and the evolution of the BID business plan. Guests from stakeholders will be welcomed. The Advisory Council offers an opportunity for a wider range of businesses to be involved in the running of the BID company.

Two general meetings a year: the BID is committed to two general meetings a year, one to act as an AGM with the launch of the yearly business plan and schedule and one to provide a viewpoint during the calendar year.

Sub-groups and other committees will exist to support particular sectors. Currently these include Food and Beverage, Jewellery and Financial Services groups.


Manchester BID is managed by CityCo, the city centre management company for Manchester. The Chief Exec and staff are responsible to the BID Board for the delivery of the Business Plan. Changes to the business plan have to be agreed by the Board.

Working with CityCo means being able to share staff (including senior staff) and pool resources, meaning the company’s overheads are lower than most of its peer BIDs.

The BID is also subsidised by receiving operational support, events and promotional activity just by virtue of the link with CityCo. This is represented on the financial pages by ‘support in kind’. In turn it ensures that the vast majority of levy payments can be put towards the delivery of work.

CityCo has property and other members within the BID area, as well as numerous members outside of the BID, running both the city centre’s Business Crime Reduction Partnership and administering the city’s Pub and Club Network. Linking in to CityCo means that the BID is part of a wide network of businesses across the city centre.

The levy is collected by Manchester City Council and an operating agreement ensures the process is transparent. Manchester City Council currently ( FY 2022-23) charge £15,000pa for administering the levy collection process.


A Business Improvement District is a specific geographical area where businesses agree to invest in extra services and initiatives that support and enhance the trading environment. Funding is brought together from a levy, based on commercial business rates.


The second Manchester BID term ends in April 2023. To decide whether the BID continues for a third term, a ballot of eligible hereditaments (rateable commercial units) will take place this December. If successful, a new five year term will start in April 2023.


  • Monday 31st October: Official notice of ballot sent to businesses
  • Monday 14th November: Ballot papers dispatched
  • Monday 12th December: Final ballot date
  • Tuesday 13th December: Ballot count and result announced by 5pm


To discuss Manchester BID and the ballot please contact:

Phil Schulze
Manchester BID Manager
07764 977 556