Manchester Crane Survey 2022

The Manchester Crane Survey, by Deloitte, is a report that measures the developments taking place across Manchester City Centre and Central Salford and impact.

Property types include:

  • Residential
  • Office
  • Hotel
  • Retail and leisure
  • Student accommodation
  • Education and research facilities
  • Healthcare

The report includes developers building new schemes or undertaking significant refurbishments exceeding any of the following sizes:

  • office – 10,000 sq ft
  • retail and leisure 10,000 sq ft
  • residential property – 25 units
  • education, healthcare and research – 10,000 sq ft
  • hotel – 35 rooms.

Data for the Crane Survey was recorded between 4 January 2021 and 5 January 2022.

Deloitte’s local Real Estate team has monitored construction activity and planning permissions granted, supplemented by rigorous field research. Research has been verified by industry contacts and in-house research teams.

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SOURCE: Deloitte