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Manchester BCRP helps to create a safe environment for businesses, their employees, clients, and customers. The team reports business-related crime in partnership with Greater Manchester Police and Manchester City Council licensing and anti-social behaviour teams.

Members benefit from:

  • Secure access to an online portal that shares data on repeat offenders, named ‘Disc’ (GDPR compliant).
  • Secure access to Store/NiteNet radio networks, linked to the city’s CCTV control room.
  • Membership of Manchester’s Civil Exclusion Scheme (sector-specific).
  • Supply of real-time security intelligence.
  • Notifications of city centre protests and emergency security alerts.
  • Invitations to city centre and bespoke security briefings.
  • Invitations to expert training on anti-terrorism awareness, reducing loss from theft, combatting credit card fraud, how to deal with counterfeit currency, and conflict management.

*Inclusion in the BCRP is gratis for certain levels of CityCo membership.

Contact at bcrp@cityco.com or call 0161 838 3250.