Michael Hall


Director and Head of Growth, DueCourse

Ever one for an analogy, Michael is a big believer in embracing Brad Fled’s Boulder Thesis on challenging the status quo whilst making long-term commitment to the community and location invested. And it couldn’t ring more true in the way his career has spanned out so far.

Having started out owning his own plastering and tiling business at a young age and gaining clients from simple door to door sales pitches, Michael soon realised his passion for creating hype and generally selling an idea/story.

Putting down his tools, he landed his first role at Rullion Computer Personnel – where he would spend three years learning about the fundamental rules & practices of the recruitment industry, seeing huge potential in aspiring people to re-envision the recruitment world to position technology as the bridge between quantifying talented people and projects.

It was between 2010 and the end of 2014 that would prove crucial tech talent experience to find the frustrations within the industry and co-found CyberKudos, after being tired of the self-reporting profiles and résumés, lack of diversity, and the current definition of a good proxy for talent.

Joining forces with DueCourse on their aggressive growth strategy by finding the best talent, it would be here that Michael would follow a new path on forming valuable partnerships to support & flourish both parties. Michael Hall now focuses his efforts as Director and Head of Growth at DueCourse – leading the growth that makes DueCourse better in the markets they serve.

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