Mike Ryan


Mike is a highly successful entrepreneur and digital futurist. A born disruptor, he eats lives and breathes future thinking and has helped many large organisations on their future strategy. He is an expert in Horizon Mapping and foresight studies and understands how to navigate through current and future disruptions to deliver successful business objectives. Mike has over 20 years experience in disruptive technology and has foreseen the changes to many aspects of our world. He works with several large organisations including MBNA, BBC, Pepsico and Cisco. Mike is an in demand speaker who will always deliver a fascinating narrative of the future.

As a committed futurist he speaks at many national and international conferences on a variety of topics that occur where society and technology touch. As a successful writer he is on Harvard Business Review’s advisory board, a commentator on BBC radio and is an active member the foresight network of futurists.

His client list is broad and includes MBNA, Pepsico, Royal Mail, IBM Watson, Sage PLC, Veritas and BBC new media. He has developed new business ideas for each and was instrumental in the development of the Microbit device and coding project for the BBC. He teaches on post graduate courses on disruptive technology for Hyper Island in the UK, Sweden. Mike has the rare ability to find the sweet spot between technology and culture which has helped his clients to various paths of success.