Richard Elliott

Operations Manager
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0161 838 3250
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We assist members with the tactical challenges and opportunities of running a business in Manchester city centre. We pre-empt and provide support across issues that can affect successful operation.

We identify needs and then help to problem solve, make recommendations, and bring decision-makers together to find solutions.

Operational Support

Businesses benefit from:

  • 364 days a year, reactive and proactive operational and security business support
  • Support with issues to do with commercial waste, graffiti removal, street cleaning, litter, drug litter, bins
  • Support with issues to do with vermin, drains, flooding, noise and light pollution
  • Support with issues to do with the public realm, skating, trespassing, urban exploring, anti-social behaviour
  • Support around traffic management, road closures, protests
  • Support around premise licensing, outdoor seating
  • Support around challenges to do with people who beg or sleep rough
  • Representation with public sector partners over plans for expansion or new development
  • Invitations to urban resilience training and bespoke workshops
  • Invitations to operational-specific meetings and location-based forums
  • Invitations to participate in membership ‘CityTours’ (neighbourhood familiarisation trips).

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