2017 Hotel Occupancy Trends

AUGUST 2017: 77% monthly occupancy in city centre Manchester (76% LY).

August’s occupancy usually performs below the annual average within the city centre, whereas in the wider Greater Manchester, it is more in-line with the annual average. The activity generated in August is therefore of more significance to the providers outside of the city centre.

August 2017 marked the first month since the terror attack (in May) where occupancy rates nudged ahead of the 2016 rates in the city centre. Within the wider context of the boosted hotel supply over the last twelve month period this is particularly good news for the city. Greater Manchester’s occupancy rates remained steady with 2016.

The daily occupancy rates that are monitored for Manchester city centre suggest a weekend/weekday split of 86%/73%, broadly in line with activity in August 2016.

It should also be noted that July and August’s data suggests that room revenue has recovered, since the loss experienced in the immediate aftermath in June, but with limited growth at this stage, just three months on.

Source: Marketing Manchester

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