2017 Hotel Occupancy Trends

JULY: 81% monthly occupancy in city centre Manchester (79% YTD).

July’s occupancy usually performs stronger than the annual average, for both geographies, but particularly so in the wider Greater Manchester area. This therefore makes July one of the peak months of the year.

June 2017 had been the first full month to follow the 22 May terror attack that occurred in Manchester and showed a reduced level of occupancy. July’s figures indicate a pick-up in occupancy, with rates of 83% in Greater Manchester and 81% in Manchester city centre, matching 2016 levels. When applied to increased stock levels in 2017, this results in a positive boost to the city, on 2016, but at a lower rate than the first four months of the year.

The daily occupancy rates that are monitored for Manchester city centre suggest a weekend/weekday split of 87%/80%.

Source: Marketing Manchester

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