Urban Exploring guidance

Urban Exploring or Urbex and Roof Topping are forms of trespassing onto private land and – most generally – tall buildings, without the occupier’s permission.

Often the activity is filmed and promoted on social media. The risk-taking element is a part of the activity and intrinsic to the sub-culture. Deterring trespassers:

Fencing/Walls: Any walls or fences need to comply with planning rules and permission is needed for the erection of a wall, fence or gate over 1 metre high and next to the highway used by vehicle or footpath or over 2 metres high.

Signage: All signage needs to be clear (stating on private land/building), legible and position in a location that any ‘reasonable person’ will able to see or notice.

CCTV/Security Patrols: Install CCTV cameras or incorporate as part of the security patrol route around the roof top area.

Install railings around the top of buildings or vandal paint.

Ensure entry, exits points and Fire Exits are secure.

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