CityCo & Manchester BID: City Intel & Introductions

CityCo and Manchester City BID have a unique position at the heart of the city centre: at the intersection of business sectors, public agencies, delivery partners and operational suppliers. This means we are always in the loop and know who to talk to. We can help you stay up to date with the latest tactical and training knowledge.

We assist members with the tactical challenges and opportunities of running a business in Manchester city centre. We pre-empt and provide support across issues that can affect successful operation.

City Intel & Introductions

We are the best-placed organisation to find out whatever it is you need to know about operating in Manchester city centre. Our virtual concierge service is there to answer questions, give advice and let you know what is happening. We provide information and briefings on city activities, whether plannedor spontaneous, thanks to our trusted intelligence partnerships.

Businesses benefit from:

  • Bespoke notice of activity in the city centre that could impact business operations, for example key demonstrations, protests, civic events, local road closures and transport works.
  • Emergency communications and crucial guidance in the case of a major city centre incident.
  • Invitations to input into business consultations around property developments, licensing applications, street and transport works, council, and transport matters.
  • Access to third party data including footfall and sales reporting, property, and hotel development mapping.
  • Invitations to topic-specific meetings and location-based forums.
  • Invitations to CityCo’s Monthly Manchester City Centre Performance Briefing, with the latest stats and trends

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