CityCo & Manchester City Centre BID: All Business Support Services

CityCo and Manchester City Centre BID help businesses to operate effectively in the city centre and have their opinions heard at the right tables.

We offer a range of Business Support Services and all members have a dedicated Account Manager.

Operational Support

We assist members with the tactical challenges and opportunities of running a business in Manchester city centre.

We pre-empt and provide support across issues that can affect successful operation.

We identify needs and then help to problem solve, make recommendations, and bring decision-makers together to find solutions.

Businesses benefit from:

  • 364 days a year, reactive and proactive operational and security business support.
  • Support with issues to do with commercial waste, graffiti removal, street cleaning, litter, drug litter, bins.
  • Support with issues to do with vermin, drains, flooding, noise and light pollution.
  • Support with issues to do with the public realm, skating, trespassing, urban exploring, anti-social behaviour.
  • Support around traffic management, road closures, protests.
  • Support around premise licensing, outdoor seating.
  • Support around challenges to do with people who beg or sleep rough.
  • Representation with public sector partners over plans for expansion or new development.
  • Invitations to urban resilience training and bespoke workshops.
  • Invitations to operational-specific meetings and location-based forums.
  • Invitations to participate in membership ‘CityTours’ (neighbourhood familiarisation trips).


Business Crime Reduction Partnership

Manchester BCRP helps to create a safe environment for businesses, their employees, clients, and customers.

The team report business-related crime in partnership with Greater Manchester Police and Manchester City Council licensing and anti-social behaviour teams.

Businesses benefit from:

  • Secure access to an online portal that shares data and information on repeat offenders, named ‘Disc’ (GDPR compliant).
  • Secure access to Store/NiteNet security radio networks, linked to the city’s CCTV control room.
  • Membership of Manchester’s Civil Exclusion Scheme (sector-specific).
  • Supply of real-time security intelligence.
  • Notifications of city centre protests and emergency security alerts.
  • Invitations to monthly intelligence briefings on emerging issues, with guest speakers.
  • Invitations to city centre security briefings.
  • Invitations to expert training on crime prevention, anti-terrorism awareness, reducing loss from theft, combatting credit card fraud, how to deal with counterfeit currency, and conflict management.
  • Full training on Disc and data compliance.


Urban Resilience Training

We have a unique position at the heart of the city centre, at the intersection of business sectors, public agencies, delivery partners and operational suppliers.

This means we are always in the loop and know who to talk to. We can help you stay up to date with the latest tactical and training knowledge.

Businesses benefit from:

  • Invitations to operational and security sessions including Action Counters Terrorism (ACT) Awareness training, in partnership with North West Counter-Terrorism Unit, Greater Manchester Police and Manchester City Council licensing.
  • Invitations to city centre Water Safety Awareness training, in partnership with Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service, Royal Life Saving Society and Canal & River Trust
  • Invitations to Women’s Night-Time Safety Charter training, in partnership with Manchester City Council.
  • Introduction to The Circuit, a nationwide defibrillator network.
  • Access to bespoke ‘tabletop’ training delivered by CityCo’s in-house Operations Team, to help members prepare for common urban scenarios and city centre emergencies.
  • Corporate discounts for third party operational training and supplies.


City Intel & Introductions

We are the best-placed organisation to find out whatever it is you need to know about operating in Manchester city centre. Our virtual concierge service is there to answer questions, give advice and let you know what is happening.

We provide information and briefings on city activities, whether plannedor spontaneous, thanks to our trusted intelligence partnerships.

Businesses benefit from:

  • Bespoke notice of activity in the city centre that could impact business operations, for example key demonstrations, protests, civic events, local road closures and transport works.
  • Emergency communications and crucial guidance in the case of a major city centre incident.
  • Invitations to input into business consultations around property developments, licensing applications, street and transport works, council, and transport matters.
  • Access to third party data including footfall and sales reporting, property, and hotel development mapping.
  • Invitations to topic-specific meetings and location-based forums.
  • Invitations to CityCo’s Monthly City Centre Performance Briefing, with the latest stats and trends.


City Forums & Lobbying

As constant corporate champions, CityCo has an influential role in lobbying on behalf of members with the city’s public agencies, helping to keep business interests at the forefront of tactical and operational planning. We attend various meetings on behalf of businesses and run numerous working groups.

Businesses benefit from:

  • Representation at local authority-led committees including the Manchester City Council Integrated Neighbourhood Meeting, City Centre Ward Coordination Meeting, Transport for Greater Manchester briefings and Greater Manchester Police forums.
  • Representation at action groups including the Manchester Homelessness Partnership, Manchester Water Safety Partnership, Manchester Food Board, Manchester Hotelier’s Association.
  • Representation at CityCo-led senior meetings including the CityCo Board, Manchester BID Board and ABID Board.
  • Invitations to CityCo-led ‘Local Area’ network meetings.
  • Invitations to CityCo-administrated Manchester Pub & Club Network events (500+ day and night-time economy venues).


Brand Awareness

CityCo and Manchester City Centre BID are committed to raising the profile and standing of Manchester as the leading business and visitor destination.

A key strand of our work for the BID is delivering high-profile public events in the city centre that attract footfall and positive press, and they offer plenty of promotional opportunities for members.

The calendar includes Chinese New Year celebrations, Halloween, The Manchester Flower Festival and the MCR Student Social – a shopping event in partnership with Manchester Arndale.

Businesses benefit from:

  • Invitations to participate in, partner, or sponsor, BID events -benefiting from multi-channel PR and marketing activity. Events have delivered £22 million+ AVE (advertising value equivalent) of media exposure, featuring across national news titles, TV, radio, online and social.
  • Exclusive invitations to host relevant CityCo network events such as the Manchester Pub & ClubNetwork meetings, and The PA Network (500+ corporate hospitality bookers).
  • Preferred supplier status where relevant.