CottonmouthMCR is a place to discuss the issues affecting the Manchester city centre business community.

Through our podcasts, we take a positive outlook on our great city, reflecting on growth, change and innovation. We also provide some background material that will help businesses deal with some of the big issues facing them.

We look at some serious issues such as rough sleeping, security and transport. We talk about the history of the city centre (including in some surprising ways). And we interview major players in the city, from cultural to business to political leaders.

If there’s anything you’d like to see covered that could help your business, please contact us.

CottonmouthMCR is brought to you by CityCo, The City Centre Management Company.

The series is hosted by Vaughan Allen, Chief Exec of CityC0 & Manchester City Centre Business Improvement District.

The theme is an edit of ‘Hoodratz mix ‘93’ by Richard Jonas from freemusicarchive. It is used under an attribution, non commercial, sharealike licence.

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