CottonmouthMCR Season 6: Ep 3- Contact, Co-Ops & Mancunians

8th Jun 2023

CottonmouthMCR is the podcast for Manchester’s city centre business community.

It is a look at the present, and future, of Manchester city centre, talking to the people who are shaping our city.

We’ve published 60+ episodes so far, with a whole range of interviewees.

The podcast is hosted by CityCo and Manchester City Centre BID Chief Exec Vaughan Allen.

New Series: Ep 3 – Contact, Coops & Mancunians

Moving into June, we have some in depth conversations with movers, shakers and generally good people. First up is the amazing Keisha Thompson, CEO and Artistic Director at Contact (previously Contact Theatre) talking about creative production, managing an iconic building, working with young people, letting young people run the place and their 50th anniversary.

Then the brilliant Rose Marley, a woman you can’t say ‘no’ to, on the Co-Op movement, the relevance of Co-Ops to the current age, managing something of such historic importance, working in a heritage building and what comes next..(oh and Beyond the Music again)

And finally the wonder that is writer and broadcaster David Scott, on his superb book ‘Mancunians‘, talking about the untold stories of Manchester, how he knitted hundreds of narratives together, what the city centre was like pre-1996 bomb, why we don’t talk enough about the post-Hacienda period, how you get drug dealers on the record, and a whole lot of music…

We hope you enjoy the podcasts. Let us know! #CottonmouthMCR

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