Business Services

Whether via sharing information, street or security assistance, events or promotions, we are here to help the city work for you.

Operational Support

Help to address challenges that impact on day-to-day business operations such as environmental issues, street cleansing, litter, road closures, business security, anti-social behaviour, helping rough sleepers into accommodation and lobbying for support around homelessness.

City Forums and Lobbying

Access to and representation at partnership groups including the City Centre Ward Coordination Meeting, Greengate and Embankment Action Group, Integrated Neighbourhood Meeting, Manchester Homelessness Partnership Board, Nature’s Quarter, Oxford Road Security and Environmental Action Group, Petersfield Operations Group, Piccadilly Basin Action Group, Transport Group, Village Action Forum and Water Safety Board.

Business Crime Reduction Partnership

Access to the BCRP, Manchester’s partnership between CityCo, Greater Manchester Police and Manchester City Council that tackles business crime and offers a secure day/night radio network, security reporting, training and intelligence alerts to help manage operations.

Business Training

Invite to workshops including first aid at work, water-safety awareness, Manchester homelessness partnership, counter-terrorism awareness in partnership with North West Counter-Terrorism Unit.

Also access to best-practice, urban-resilience training including bespoke table-top workshops to help respond to acute shocks such as protests, fire, city disruption and longer-term issues.

Corporate Events & Briefings

Invite to CityCo’s annual programme of information and networking events including Annual Members Lunch, CitySessions, CityTours, Sector/Group Private Lunches and Dinners.

Also invitation to meetings, briefings and consultation events given by public authorities including Transport for Greater Manchester, Greater Manchester Police and Manchester City Council.

City Intelligence

Access to crisis communication email alerts, protest and major event communications, as well as city data including weekly and monthly footfall trends, property and hotel developments mapping and road closures.

The PA Network

Invite to showcase company hospitality  at events especially for CityCo’s strong network of event bookers, PAs and executive assistants.

Manchester BID Public Events

Manchester BID’s programme of public events to add vibrancy to the streets, attract footfall, and provide promotional opportunities for both CityCo and BID members to reach customers directly, and through the marketing and PR campaigns.

The current programme includes King Street Festival, Chinese New Year, MCR Student Social, Halloween.

Events Venue: Room Hire

Spaces to hire at CityCo’s Lloyds House office (The Shipping Office, The Cotton Room and The Sorting Office). An impressive and unique heritage venue for meetings, events, presentations and workshops. 10% discount for CityCo members.