Commercial Waste Guidance

Any rubbish your company produces that isn’t purchased by the consumer (e.g. take-away cups) is considered commercial waste.

Businesses have a legal obligation under Environmental Protection Act 1990 to make arrangements for collection in line with city centre standards. This is usually in the form of an agreed time and place to put your waste bags out for collection. Commercial skips are often subject to this arrangement, where the skips must be taken inside when not due for collection.

If waste is presented incorrectly, your business may be subject to a fine issued by Manchester City Council inspection officers. You must have an appointed waste contractor in place – and may be asked to present proof upon inspection.

If you are a CityCo or Manchester BID Member, and have have any concerns you would like to raise with CityCo’s Operations team direct, especially if urgent, please call 07917 058 412.

Incorrect Presentation

  • Poorly bagged
  • Wrong location
  • Left out for unacceptable periods of time (for example presented in the morning for evening collection)
  • Unsuitable or hazardous materials included such as cooking fats, builder’s waste, chemicals.

To understand the protocols further, take a look at this government advice.

King Street: Fouryards

  • Waste should be put out just before a 10.30am waste collection, or a 5.30pm waste collection
  • Businesses should take back in any waste that has not been collected by 11am
  • If your waste contractor is New Look or C&C please place your waste inside the container located at Fouryards
  • If your waste contractor is NOT New Look or C&C please place your waste on the right side of the container at Fouryards

St Ann’s Square: Half Moon Street

  • Waste should be put out just before a 10am waste collection, or after a 5pm waste collection
  • Businesses should take back in any waste that has not been collected by 11am.

King Street & St Ann’s Pilot Scheme

Manchester is committed to the goal of reducing the city’s carbon emissions to zero by 2038, or earlier if possible – at least 12 years ahead of the current national target. To meet this ambitious target, as a business community, we need to go further.

As part of the city’s action plan, CityCo has helped to launch a pilot scheme around King Street and St Ann’s to tackle reducing emissions through better commercial waste management. This part of the system has a crucial part to play in improving the city and the environment for all.

The Waste Collective project aims to improve air quality and the streetscape via fewer commercial waste vehicles, better route planning and increased efficiency.

It’s a partnership between carbon-neutral waste management company B&M Waste Services, CityCo, TfGM and Manchester City Council.