CityCo & Manchester BID: Operational Support

CityCo and Manchester City BID have a unique position at the heart of the city centre: at the intersection of business sectors, public agencies, delivery partners and operational suppliers.

This means we are always in the loop and know who to talk to. We can help you stay up to date with the latest tactical and training knowledge.

Operational Support

We assist members with the tactical challenges and opportunities of running a business in Manchester city centre. We pre-empt and provide support across issues that can affect successful operation. We identify business needs and then help to problem solve, make recommendations, and bring decision-makers together to find solutions.

Businesses benefit from:

  • 364 days a year, reactive and proactive operational and security business support
  • Support with issues to do with commercial waste, graffiti removal, street cleaning, litter, drug litter, bins
  • Support with issues to do with vermin, drains, flooding, noise and light pollution
  • Support with issues to do with the public realm, skating, trespassing, urban exploring, anti-social behaviour
  • Support around traffic management, road closures, protests
  • Support around premise licensing, outdoor seating
  • Support around challenges to do with people who beg or sleep rough
  • Representation with public sector partners over plans for expansion or new development
  • Invitations to urban resilience training and bespoke workshops
  • Invitations to operational-specific meetings and location-based forums
  • Invitations to participate in membership ‘CityTours’ (neighbourhood familiarisation trips).

For more information, please email