Christmas Business Support Grants

12th Dec 2020

Following our recent online business briefing with Manchester City Council’s Licensing and Grants team Fraser Swift and Karen Andrews, please see below some additional information that might be helpful.

To ask any direct questions please email:Karen (Grants):

Fraser (Licensing):

For a replay of the Zoom briefing we ran on the current grants system, watch here.

Feel free to also drop a line to CityCo’s Night Time Economy Officer, Gareth, for any advice around lockdowns and city regulations.

£1000 Christmas Grants

If you are a ‘wet pub’ and have already received a Local Restriction Support Grant, you don’t need to do another application to get an extra £1,000 announced this week by Government. Manchester City Council (MCC) will use the details from your original application to send a simple form to complete and return.

You will need to provide a copy of your accounts up to March 2020 and sign a declaration to confirm that no more than 50% of your income is from food in order to quality.

Local Restriction Support Grants (LRSG)

MCC have so far paid out over £3 million in LRSGs to businesses in the city affected by Covid restrictions and closures.

You might also be eligible for an additional backdated grant to August of between £3,000 and £6,825. MCC will pay this automatically; you don’t need to make a separate application.

Check eligibility and apply online:

Additional Restriction Grants (ARG)

You might not be eligible for a LRSG but if your business has been affected financially, you might be due a slice of the £11.7million ARG fund. These grants cover two main groups:

Businesses with property costs that had to close as they are ‘non-essential retail’, hospitality, leisure or beauty services, but couldn’t claim from other schemes because they were not registered for business rates (you can still claim an ARG even if your business is now open again)
Businesses with fixed property costs, supplying or supporting the hospitality, accommodation, and leisure sectors that have been hit hard by the national and local restrictions. You can apply if you have a rates bill in your name, and if you don’t. If you don’t, you need to have property-related costs, for example, rent for a stall.

Check eligibility and apply online: