INVITE: NTE Security Tabletop Exercise

4th Oct 2019

Our next security Tabletop Exercise, delivered in partnership with Greater Manchester Police, Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue and Manchester City Council, is aimed at night-time businesses.

The session will test your company resilience and continuity protocols in an emergency. The exercises will cover a variety of serious incidents that would affect your business such as dynamic lock-downs, chemical/biological attack and how to deal with a crime scene.

Scenarios are designed to stimulate discussion of business continuity and resilience plans to ensure the safety for your staff and customers.


– Registration

– Welcome and Introductions

– Exercise 1 – Crime Scene

– Exercise 1 – Review/Discussion

– Exercise 2 – Dynamic Lock Down

– Exercise 2 – Review/Discussion

– Exercise 3 – Chemical/Biological Attack

– Exercise 3 – Review/Discussion

– Questions and AOB

This is an informal session, designed to start the conversations and sign post to resources. Responsibility for planning and contingencies remains within the duties of the individual businesses.

Register your place.