Tour of Britain 2019

9th Sep 2019

Road Closures

4am – 9pm

  • Water Street from New Elm Road to Liverpool Road
  • Liverpool Road from Water Street to Deansgate
  • Deansgate from Whitworth Street West to John Dalton Street
  • Little Quay Street from Quay Street to Atkinson Street
  • Atkinson Street from Deansgate to Little Quay Street
  • Quay Street from Byrom to Deansgate
  • Peter Street from Deansgate to Oxford Street
  • Oxford Street from Peter Street to Hall Street
  • Bootle Street from Deansgate to Jerusalem Place
  • Jerusalem Place from Bootle Street to Peter Street

Between 2.30pm – 3.30pm, for 15 mins

  • Regent Road East Bound from River Irwell to Trinity Way
  • Trinity Way from Regent Road to Water Street
  • Water Street from Trinity Way to New Elm Road

Between 3pm – 4pm, for 30 minutes

  • Watson Street from Great Bridgwater to Peter Street

Suspension of Bus Gate

  • Portland Street – for all traffic
  • Oxford Road – dispensation for event vehicles