United City: Covid Support Lobbying

1st Dec 2020

United City: Bringing Back Vibrancy

CityCo and Manchester BID are supporting #UnitedCity, a collective of Manchester businesses that all want to see Manchester bounce-back as soon as possible.

Manchester has a reputation built on centuries of invention, determination and resilience. We face challenges head on and work out what to do. UnitedCity is an appeal to come together and join an initiative that will raise funds and expertise, in three ways:

  • Independent research
  • Create, fund and execute campaigns
  • Support the most vulnerable

Sign up and help Manchester

Manchester and its region has a future, it has a strong future, it has its plans, it will attract investment, but right now needs to come together to research, plan and implement to ensure the city recovers as a stronger UnitedCity.

Please join the campaign and become a member.

Go to united-city.co.uk