ASBAT ASB Case Studies

Antisocial behaviour (ASB) is ‘Conduct that has caused, or is likely to cause, harassment, alarm or distress to any person.’(Crime and Policing Act 2014).

An increasing range of Manchester city centre businesses have reported incidents of ASB in recent months.

Betting Shop

ASBAT received a referral from Greater Manchester Police regarding an adult who was abusive and threatening towards staff working at betting shops and their customers.

An investigation identified a significant offending history associated with alcohol related anti-social and criminal conduct.

ASBAT secured witness statements from the staff working at the betting shops which demonstrated a pattern of serious ASB involving abusive language and threats.

An ASB Civil Injunction secured which prohibited the individual form entering any licensed bookmakers premises in the city centre and from acting antisocially.

Greater Manchester Police supported Manchester City Council by personally serving the Injunction on the offender.

The ASB Officer visited the betting shops to update them regarding the outcome and gave them a copy of the Order.

The Injunction was successful at preventing any further incidents of ASB.

Food ‘on the go’ Retailer

ASBAT received a referral from Manchester BCRP regarding an incident involving an adult being abusive, threatening and racist towards a member of staff working at a food retail premises.

ASBAT conducted an investigation and identified that there was a history to the ASB perpetrated by the individual.

The ASB Officer worked with the retailer to take witness statements.

ASBAT took swift action to apply to the Civil Court for an ASB Civil Injunction.

The Injunction prohibited the individual from entering the retail premises and from using any racist, abusive or threatening language or behaviour towards any staff member working for the retailer.

Food Retail Chain

ASBAT received a referral from Greater Manchester Police involving a group of children perpetrating an unprovoked attack on a member of staff working in a food retail chain business.

ASBAT normally prefers to resolve incidents involving children informally however this was a serious case so ASBAT applied for Injunctions against the children to prohibit from entering the premises and the immediate area to protect the staff member as they came too and from work.

Further conditions prevented further ASB.

Once the victim was protected, the ASB Officer liaised with partner agencies to ensure the children received the appropriate support and intervention to address their support needs.

Convenience Store

ASBAT, Greater Manchester Police and Manchester BCRP continue to focus on offenders who engage in shoplifting and antisocial behaviour towards staff.

In this case an individual responsible for shoplifting was challenged by staff and subsequently raised an item at the staff member in a threatening manner.

Due to the extensive offending history and the threatening behaviour the person received a 5 year Criminal Behaviour Order which prevented them from entering the commercial area of the city centre and from entering any premises in Manchester where they have been asked to leave or banned.

Breaching a CBO can result in a criminal conviction and up to 5 years in prison.