Manchester City Centre BID: 2023-28 Business Plan

Manchester City Centre BID: 2023-28 Business Plan

The third Manchester City Centre BID term is supporting businesses around 4 key themes:

  1. ATTRACTING VISITORS: Attracting shoppers, visitors, tourists, and workers into the city centre, whilst enhancing the city’s reputation as a thriving destination
  2. ENVIRONMENT: Improving the city centre as a welcoming, clean, attractive, resilient, and safe place
  3. COMMUNITY: Maintaining a tight-knit relationship between levy payers and keeping businesses in the loop with city authorities
  4. ESG: Supporting businesses to meet Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) commitments

Business Support Services

The aim is to help businesses operate effectively in the city centre, enhance operations, and attract additional custom.

On behalf of the Manchester City Centre BID community, the CityCo team delivers:

CityCo Partnerships

CityCo’s extensive networks and experience of how to operate in Manchester city centre is key to our success. Businesses benefit from connections and initiatives across all of our major networks:

Manchester BID is also a member of:

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