Important information for businesses: Manchester highway improvements in 2020

2nd Jan 2020

TfGM and Manchester City Council Press Release

In 2020, Manchester City Council will embark on a ‘once in a generation’ programme of improvement works that will see positive changes made to some of the city’s key highways.

As the city continues to grow there is a need to ensure that it can meet the demands of those choosing to live, work and visit it.

This ambitious multi-million pound investment programme will improve some of the city’s busiest routes and junctions, greatly benefiting commuters and allowing residents, businesses and visitors to better connect, grow and lead healthier lives.

The work programme includes a number of major projects and has been shaped by the Greater Manchester Transport Strategy – which sets out to deliver world class connections that support long-term economic growth and access to opportunities for all.

Investing in our future

From January 2020, work led by Manchester City Council will begin in phases on four key commuter corridors:

  • Great Ancoats Street
  • Hyde Road
  • Princess Road/Mancunian Way roundabout
  • Chorlton Road


For some months, preparatory work has been taking place on Great Ancoats Street and the Princess Road roundabout but with these works now complete, the main work to deliver the changes will begin in January and February, respectively.

On the outskirts of the city, a key section of Hyde Road, which has long proved to be a pinch point for general traffic and bus services, will see road widening work take place between Wall Way and Far Lane to improve traffic flow. It is expected that this work will begin in early 2020, however, as with all the projects, confirmed start dates will be communicated beforehand.

Full details of these schemes and work programmes associated with each can be found on the Manchester City Council website at

The importance of communication

Proactive communications and regular engagement with key stakeholders and the wider public, prior to, during and after the work has finished is vital.

Ahead of work starting, Manchester City Council, alongside Transport for Greater Manchester, transport operators and neighbouring local districts, have been meeting to plan and coordinate a package of communications and engagement aimed at reducing inconvenience to stakeholders, commuters and local residents.

Ahead of work starting, communications such as this, as well as face-to-face engagement, will become a regular occurrence in order to keep stakeholders like yourself informed of work so that you in turn can pass on the information to your staff, visitors and other key parties integral to the running of your business.

Keeping Greater Manchester moving

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) has been working closely with Manchester City Council to develop and deliver bespoke travel advice for each of the schemes. Alongside the various projects being delivered, TfGM also provides up-to-date and reliable travel information and advice for the many major sporting and entertainment events that take place across Greater Manchester each year.

To help people to get around throughout 2020, a new travel advice hub has been created that not only provides comprehensive details of all the events that are taking place across the city region, but it also provides real-time travel information for services and roads across the network.

Travel information and advice will be updated on a weekly basis and people are urged to follow @OfficialTfGM and visit on a regular basis to stay one step ahead when it comes to planning their journeys.