Manchester City Council ASBAT: ASB Action Tools

Informal Actions

Mediation: An early intervention tool to support parties to resolve a conflict or dispute

Restorative Meetings: A structured way to acknowledge and repair harm following an incident of antisocial behaviour or crime

Warning Interviews: Used when an MCC Investigating Officer, on the balance of probabilities, is satisfied that an antisocial behaviour incident has taken place and the perpetrator is clearly informed of the consequences of continuing to act in an anti-social manner.

Acceptable Behaviour Agreements: An agreement with an individual which sets out what they will or will not do in the future. The Investigating Officer may also include any actions they may take i.e., referral to a support service. This type of agreement or contract will usually be used with a young person aged 10–17 years or a vulnerable adult.

Formal Actions

ASB Civil Injunction: An order that can be granted against an individual aged 10 or over. An Injunction is designed to stop or prevent individuals from acting antisocially, quickly nipping antisocial behaviour in the bud before it escalates. Breach of Injunction can lead up to two years in prison and/or a fine.

Criminal Behaviour Order: An order that can be granted against an individual aged 10 or over upon conviction of a criminal offence. These orders are to tackle those who persistently engage in criminal antisocial behaviour. Breach of a CBO can lead to up to 5 years in prison and/or a fine.

Community Protection Notice: A Notice that aims to stop a person aged 16 or over, business or organisation committing antisocial behaviour which spoils the community’s quality of life. Breach of a CPN is a criminal offence and can result in a fine up to £2,500 individual or an unlimited fine for a business.