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CityCo’s workshops ensure colleagues are up to date with the latest operational and security guidance. This session is part of compulsory conditions related to Martyn’s Law.  This requires venues to complete a security assessment, and for staff to attend counter-terrorism training. CityCo is partnering with Council Licensing and GMP to run group training.

Join CityCo, Manchester City Council Licensing and North West Counter-Terrorism Unit for crucial training to meet new licensing regs.

The training has been specially arranged to help businesses to meet new Counter-Terrorism conditions for licensed premises and pavement licences.

This is part of the Council’s commitment to the principles of Martyn’s Law, aimed at improving security in public places.

Businesses will receive acknowledgement of attendance on any licences, and certification.

The training is recommended for Licensee and/or Lead Operational Staff.

About ACT Training

ACT Awareness training is a national presentation delivered by NaCTSO & CPNI trained Counter Terrorism Security Advisors.

The session is designed to raise vigilance of the current terrorist threat to the UK and provide staff and businesses with protective security advice and guidance.

The aim is to provide an understanding of how to deny, detect and deter hostile activity and how to protect people and organisations during a major incident.

The session will cover the following modules:

  • Introduction to Counter Terrorism
  • Current Threat to the UK
  • Identifying and Responding to Suspicious Behaviour
  • Identifying and Dealing with Suspicious Items
  • Responding to a Firearms or Weapons Attack


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