CottonmouthMCR is a weekly podcast hosted by our Chief Exec, Vaughan Allen. Tune in to hear us discuss the issues affecting city centre Manchester and Salford. We’ll be looking at rough sleeping, security and transport, the history of our cities, and the rise and rise of the food and beverage sector. And we’ll be interviewing many of our major players, from cultural to business to political leaders.

New episodes every Thursday (and sometimes more often).

Download on iTunes and ACast (just search Cottonmouth Manchester) or stream below via Soundcloud.

Episode 26: Reclaim Project with Ruth Ibegbuna

In this episode of CottonmouthMCR we chat to Ruth Ibegbuna, founder and now outgoing Chief Exec of the Reclaim Project, which works with working class people in Manchester and across the country.

Episode 24: Katy Ashton, People’s History Museum

In this episode of CottonmouthMCR we talk to Katy Ashton, Director of the People’s History Museum about the history of the museum, its social mission, work with kids, and the difficulties of collecting leaflets and badges. 

Episode 23: City of Trees

This week we talk to Jess Thompson of the City of Trees project about plans to plant a tree for every individual in the city, what trees do for us and what you can do to help.

Episode 22: The LGBT Foundation

This week we talk to Paul Martin, Chief Executive and founder of the LGBT Foundation about its history, services, how it fits into the Village and plans for the future.

Episode 21: Beer

This week we talk to Jonathan Heyes of Common, Port Street Beer and IndyManBeerCon and Marko Husak of Bundobust about the craft beer explosion, building an empire and whether a £5 pint is ever justified.

Episode 20: The Northern Quarter with Hayley Flynn

This week we talk to Hayley Flynn, tour guide and owner of the Skyliner blog about the history of the Northern Quarter, the art of selling monkeys, the importance of street art, how to make a place distinctive and what’s coming next.

Episode 19: Jonathan Schofield, Manchester Confidential

On this week’s CottonmouthMCR podcast we chat to Jonathan Schofield of Manchester Confidential about his recent article on how the city centre needs to improve. Arguing about litter, wayfinding and historical awareness. And agreeing vociferously about the need for human helpers.

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