BIDs in 2020: 26 February ‘Managing Places’ conference

6th Dec 2019

Location: CityCo (The City Centre Management Company) & Manchester BID
3rd Floor, Lloyds House, 22 Lloyd Street, Manchester, M2 5WA
When: Wednesday 26th February 2020 – 11am – 4pm

Price: Free for British BID members and £99 for non-members

The day will include a series of workshops from leading and experienced practitioners based on some of the most common enquiries that Manchester BID receive. The day will also provide plenty of time for networking and discussion on industry issues.

For any queries related to this event please call 0845 112 0118 or email


Featured Workshops:

Rough Sleeping – Speaker, Alex King

Drawing on the experience of partnership working in Manchester city centre, the workshop will give overview of the different needs your BID may need to consider when reducing rough sleeping.

The session will touch on the importance of educating the business community, streamlining and co-ordinating responses and challenging unacceptable behaviours.

Protests, Terrorism and Comms Strategies – Speaker, Vaughan Allan

Using Manchester’s experience of the Arena attack and climate protests, the importance of clear messages, the problem with mixed messages and the importance of live briefings.

Tabletop Exercises – Speaker, Richard Elliott

How to set-up and run exercises testing operational capacity and awareness in buildings, public realm and town centres. Testing the ability to react to shocks, urgent incidents and day-to-day issues.

“Manchester City Centre continues to demonstrate firm resilience through its business community and collaborative work of CityCo. The city continues to face challenges of acute / critical incidents, and more day-to-day resilience issues such as rough sleeping, anti-social behaviour and traffic management.

Many organisations have what they perceive is a ‘full-proof’ crisis management or business continuity plan, but it is only when in action that their operational capacity is truly tested. Assumptions are identified, faults come to light too late or risks and issues have simply been missed.

Tabletop scenarios provide a means to test operational awareness and continuity planning, in a safe, educated, and informed environment; often testing the most extreme scenarios such as marauding attacks, bomb threats and major incidents.”

And to finish…

A study tour of Manchester city centre with opportunities for networking and discussion around other topical issues.

Vaughan Allen – Chief Exec – CityCo and Manchester BID

Vaughan Allen has been Chief Exec of CityCo in Manchester for nine years.

The company runs Manchester’s only Business Improvement District and has a separate membership across all business sectors in the city centre.

Vaughan has a background in journalism and running tourist attractions.

Alex King – Partnership Director and Director of Operations – CityCo and Manchester BID

Formally Deputy Chief Exec and Operations Director of Urbis, the city centre contemporary exhibition centre in Manchester. Alex has also worked in the retail, F&B, live music sectors in Manchester, Winchester and London.

Alex joined CityCo as the Piccadilly Partnership Manager and progressed to lead the team in supporting businesses across a range of challenges and opportunities in the busy urban environment of Manchester city centre.

Alex sits on the Manchester Homelessness Partnership Board, Manchester Food board, Manchester Water Safety Board amongst others. Alex regularly speaks to business groups in Manchester and across the country on a range of topics, including rough sleeping, alternative giving, business engagement and place management.

Richard Elliott – Operations Manager – CityCo and Manchester BID

Richard oversees operational support to CityCo and Manchester BID members, often triaging complex issues or working with public agencies to ‘bridge the gap’ between the sectors

Richard holds an MPhil and BA in International Relations and Security Studies, as well an FdA in Crowd Management and Security.

Richard offers particular support to members on business continuity and resilience matters, often working with Greater Manchester Police (GMP) and the North West Counter Terrorism Unit. Richard was trained to deliver Project Griffin to City Centre businesses, and now delivers tabletop scenarios to members and stakeholders or ‘best practice’ guidance on a range of Urban Resilience matters.