Briefing: BIDs, National Trends and the Implications on Ballot

5th Jan 2023

Wednesday 15th February
10am Zoom Meeting

“A lot of the basic rules no longer apply”  Vaughan Allen, Chief Exec, CityCo and Manchester BID.

Covid, changes to working habits, retail restructuring, or just the passage of time – Locus, CityCo and Manchester BID host this special, free, online workshop to help BID (Business Improvement District) operators interpret the current landscape.

Using Manchester as a case study and other international examples, it will look at the evolution of BIDs in the UK. For those operating ballots in 2023 and beyond, it will also provide tips as to how the flexibility within the Regulations can be used to your advantage.

With increased pressure on turnouts, the numbers of BIDs plateauing and yet different models evolving, this is a must-see workshop for all BID professionals and place practitioners.

This event is open to BID colleagues.

For joining enquiries, please email