EDL Demonstration – Saturday 20 October, Piccadilly Gardens

16th Oct 2018

The English Defence League (EDL) are planning to gather from 11am-3pm in Piccadilly Gardens on Saturday 20th October.

There will be a counter-demo from Stand Up to Racism and Unite Against Facism – also in Piccadilly Gardens.

Greater Manchester Police are advising that whilst everyone has a lawful right to peaceful protest, the demos are likely to cause some concern. GMP are liaising with the organisers to ensure they are aware of their responsibilities.

A policing operation will be in place to manage the event and any incidents of disorder will be dealt with swiftly. Hate crime will not be tolerated.

Licencee Advice

  • Door supervisors – consider whether you will need to employ additional door supervisors and bring forward start times.
  • Outside seating – if you have an outside area, and intend to use it on the day, it is essential that is it correctly managed and controlled. Door supervisors must be in place to ensure customers do not leave your venue with alcohol.
  • Plastic/glass policy – please consider plastic/glass policy to ensure the safety of your venue, customers and staff.

On the same day there are a number of public events in the city centre and Manchester City ‘v’ Burnley at the Etihad Stadium: kick-off at 3pm.

The message is that is it very much ‘business as usual’ for all who live, work and visit Manchester city centre.

For any enquiries, please email the GMP Community Lead for this event: PS Siobhan Emmett Jones: 17455@gmp.police.uk

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