New Years Eve Fireworks: Manchester City Centre

20th Dec 2023


Sunday 31st December 2023

Manchester City Council is staging of a fireworks display in Castlefield to mark the New Year.

The Council-organised event will take place on Sunday 31st December from 10pm, with an 11 minute firework display at midnight.

  • The event is un-ticketed, with the main public viewing area contained within the Bowl.
  • Public access to the site will be facilitated from 9pm, with music playout and a Hits Radio programme of activity leading up to the countdown.
  • The firework display will end at 00:11 and the audience will leave the site via 4 exits. Any sound content will be shut down by 00:30.
  • The event site will be demarcated by barrier to provide safe viewing areas and will be controlled by a security and crowd management team.
  • There will be no supply or retail of alcohol at the event. Warm beverages will be available from two food concessions on site.
  • Toilet facilities will be provided within the event site and a cleansing plan is in place to manage litter and the clean-up.
  • Access will be managed via two entry points on Liverpool Rd (Gate 1) and Duke Place (Gate 2). Should the arena reach capacity, alternative viewing locations outside the site can be utilised at Duke St/Beaufort St.
  • Public will have free access to the event, however search/monitoring measures will be in place to control alcohol consumption or the use of personal fireworks.


To facilitate the event and manage the safe and orderly movement of the audience from arrival, through to dispersal, two phases of road closure will be implemented with customer access to all businesses within the closures maintained.

MCC will work to minimise the duration of these closures:

Duke Place (Duke St – Arena) 20:30 – 01:00
Rice Street (Duke St – Arena) 20:30 – 00:45 (Resident vehicles managed in and out of closure)
Liverpool Rd (Potato Wharf – Lower Byrom St) 20:30 – 01:00
Duke Street (Stone St – Castle St) 23:00 – 00:45
Beaufort St (Collier St – Duke St) 23:00 – 00:45
Castle St (Car Park – Canal Bridge) 23:00 – 00:30 (restrictions out of car park between 23:30- 00:15)


Liverpool Road – 31st December 4 bays (Bays opposite Potato Wharf/Castlefield Hotel)
Duke Place – 31st December 7 bays
Duke Street 31st December 4 bays
Beaufort St 31st December 4 bays


Will be applied in the Staffordshire Arms in Castlefield from Friday 29th December 2023 – Tuesday 2nd January 2024.

To facilitate the set up and build and minimise disruption, some of the site infrastructure will be compounded in the Kenworthy area before the Christmas period and the site set up will commence on the 30th December (daytime work only).

Event production will load in on the evening of the 31st and will be derigged immediately following event close – with all barrier removed and relocated to the compound area and the arena fully accessible the following morning.


Event Control for the fireworks display will operate out of the Castlefield Visitor Centre and will be staffed from 7pm – 1am on the 31st December.

MCC Event Unit contact:

Event Management Team during the event: 07748 651465