What to tell the Police?

If NOT an EMERGENCY, report Antisocial Behaviour to the Police: call 101, or email gmp.police.uk/ro/report

What is a non-emergency?

  • No threat of harm
  • Stable situation and site
  • Has happened or might be reoccurring

Consider these factors when speaking to the police to instruct the appropriate response:

  • Has violence been used or threatened?
  • Is the offender still at the scene or in the immediate area?
  • Has anyone been hurt?
  • Is anyone vulnerable or at risk of harm at the scene? e.g. children or the elderly
  • Are drink or drugs or mental issues involved or suspected?
  • Is there evidence at the scene? e.g. fingerprints or blood
  • Has any stolen property has been recovered or found?

If a person has been detained (by store security for example), the police may also request their name and address. This allows checks to be made, to find out if the person is wanted or a prolific offender.

Inform the police if the offender is known.

For any assistance, email bcureporting@cityco.com