King Street and St Ann’s Commercial Waste Scheme: Join the #WasteCollective

27th Feb 2020

Manchester is committed to the goal of reducing the city’s climate emissions to zero by 2038, or earlier if possible – at least 12 years ahead of the current national target. To meet this ambitious target, as a business community, we need to go further.

As part of the city’s action plan, CityCo has helped to launch a partnership scheme to tackle reducing carbon emissions through better commercial waste management.

This part of the system has a crucial part to play in improving the city centre environment for all.

King Street and St Ann’s Square Businesses

Sign-up to join the city’s new Commercial #WasteCollective.

The pilot scheme will improve collection schedules, increase recycling, clean-up the street environment and reduce emissions.

The project is a partnership between local carbon-neutral waste management company B&M Waste Services, CityCo, Transport for Greater Manchester and Manchester City Council.

Aims and Benefits of Waste Consolidation

  • Improved air quality – lower emissions helping Manchester meet Clean Air targets
  • Improved the street environment – potential increase in footfall from an improved public realm
  • Fewer providers, fewer vehicles – greater control of schedules, better route planning, increased efficiency, reduced overall mileage
  • Commercial benefits – reduced rate for collective waste collection due to a greater volume from one provider
  • Safety benefits –  reduction of vehicle movements and use of low emission vehicles that meet standards
  • Reduction in waste management enforcement action against non-compliant businesses
  • Improved environmental impact monitoring and reporting
  • Improved perception of Manchester’s streetscape as clean and attractive for the benefit of residents, visitors and businesses.

Didn’t make the 27 February project launch event? Download the presentations here:

Arup: Why we need this scheme in Manchester + B&M Waste Services: How to get involved

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