Can you help the ‘A Bed Every Night’ campaign?

19th Oct 2018

The Chair of Manchester BID Jane Sharrocks, General Manager of Selfridges, is pledging the BID’s support for Mayor Andy Burnham’s A Bed Every Night homelessness campaign.

The campaign is a significant escalation of the city’s efforts to tackle the homeless crisis on our streets, with a special pledge to ensure rough sleepers have somewhere warm and safe to go this coming winter.

And it’s more than just a bed. It’s also about the range of support needed to help people begin a journey away from the streets.

Items Needed

We are asking for donations from Business Improvement District businesses who want to make a difference. These items will be used to set up three new purpose-built winter shelters in Greater Manchester.

Office Supplies
Computers. Printers. Phones.

Tables. Chairs.

New Bedding
Pillows, Duvets, Covers, Sheets.

Toilet Roll, Deodorant, Tooth Brushes, Shower Gel, Towels.

New Clothing
Underwear, Socks, Hats, Gloves.

Plates, Cups, Utensils, Crockery, Tea Towels.

Mops, Cloths, Buckets, Cleaning Products.

Microwaves, Kettles, Toasters.

Papers, Pens, Staplers, Files.

Bowls. Leads. Blankets.Toys.

Click here for full list of items and numbers needed.

Where and When

If you can help to provide any of the above it would be greatly appreciated. We will be collecting donations at the CityCo office on:

Tuesday 30 October, Wednesday 31 October, Thursday 1 November
9am – 5pm

CityCo Manchester
4th Floor
Blackfriars House
M3 2JA
0161 838 3250

If you can help, please email to confirm items and quantities by Friday 26 October, thank you.

Once everything is gathered together, Andy Burnham and Jane will be presenting the items to the shelters and send their thanks in advance for your support.