Partial Deansgate Closure

7th May 2020

Deansgate will close this Saturday 16 May from King Street to St Mary’s Gate.

The initiative is to help support Manchester’s recovery period, and is the first phase towards a proposed permanent road closure that would help meet urgent climate change and air quality targets.

The immediate shutting of this section of road is part of a number of measures being considered to help with social distancing in the months ahead, including widening pavements and use of public spaces.

Council Web Page

Overview Map with service access routes

Details Highways plans:

UDP-7404 Parsonage Road Closure SB one way {final}

UDP-7389 Deansgate Road Closure King Street(s) {final}

UDP-7388 Deansgate Road Closure ST Anns Marys {final}

UDP-7387 Deansgate Road Closure NB + Advance signs {final}

UDP-7386 Deansgate Road Closure SB {final}