Manchester BCRP: Conflict Resolution Training 

CityCo and Manchester City Centre BID have a unique position at the heart of the city, at the intersection of business sectors, public agencies, delivery partners and operational suppliers.

This means we are always in the loop and know who to talk to. We help businesses stay up-to-date with the latest tactical and training knowledge.

Manchester BCRP

CityCo manages Manchester’s Business Crime Reduction Partnership (BCRP), working in liaison with Greater Manchester Police, Manchester City Council and city centre businesses. Manchester BCRP has been running for well over a decade.

The partnership helps businesses to address issues around retail crime and anti-social behaviour. To find out more about the benefits of BCRP membership, click here.

Reporting Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour

To ensure workplace crime/ASB is recorded and acted upon, please do report it. It is advised to report in 3 places:

1. Greater Manchester Police

GMP can assist with emergencies and immediate threat of harm. Call 999.

2. Manchester City Council ASB team

The Council’s Anti-Social Behaviour Action Team (ASBAT) can help with incidents such as hate crime, threatening behaviour, abusive language or behaviour, harrassment and damage to property. Fill in this form to report.

3. Manchester BCRP

If your business is a member of the BCRP, do report the incident to the team in addition. This can assist with a citywide response. Email

By reporting, a range of actions can take place against individuals. These could include:

  • Punishment from the criminal justice system (via the Police)
  • Serving of Community Protection Notices, Injunctions, and Community Banning Orders (via ASBAT)
  • Serving of Civil Partnership Exclusion Notices (via BCRP)

Conflict Resolution Training 

Join businesses across the city to take Manchester BCRP Conflict Resolution Training.

This will help to educate staff on how to take action when affected by anti-social behaviour, how to report crime, and what support is available in Manchester.

Training is delivered by Citco’s BCRP Team. Agenda:

  • How to recognise common causes of conflict
  • Understanding the importance of effective communication in resolving
  • Dealing with and alerting difficult situations
  • Staff safety
  • Reporting: who to and how

The aim of the training is to provide staff with confidence in tackling a variety of scenarios using risk mitigation techniques.

The training will also provide clarity on reporting.

Training Registration

We have two time slots on 14th November: one at 9.30am and one at 2pm. You only need to register for one.

The training is open to Management and Staff. Numbers are limited.

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